Prison SMART Foundation

Prison SMART Foundation

Prison SMART Foundation, Inc. provides tools and techniques to American’s youth at risk to empower them to change the pattern of criminal and violent behavior.

Violence Ends where Love Begins

The proper breathing techniques taught by Prison SMART Foundation volunteers help participants to reduce and manage their stress levels in order to help them think more clearly and improve their actions. As a result, they enjoy increased self-esteem and self-empowerment. Thousands who have completed the Prison SMART Foundation’s stress management programs are living testaments to it’s mission.

The Prison SMART Foundation, Inc., provides the vision and resources necessary to accomplish its mission, using the talent and dedication of a committed corps of volunteers.

The Prison SMART Foundation, Inc., was launched in 1992. This unique stress management program — the first of its kind for the rehabilitation of hardened criminals in U.S. prisons — was originally taught in the Barnstable County, MA, House of Correction. This program assists prisoners in their personal rehabilitation, reducing violence and drug dependence, while teaching inmates to accept responsibility for past actions and future conduct. This 6 to 10 day program that utilizes advanced yogic breathing practices, is based on the dynamic cleansing effects of the breath on the body and mind. Prison administrators have reported that inmates who have participated in the program are easier to handle and exhibit less acting-out behavior in confrontational situations.

The Prison SMART Program has gained national recognition and is now offered in prisons and juvenile detention halls across the United States.

The Prison SMART Foundation, Incorporated is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, incorporated January 1996 in the Commonwealth of Massachusettss.