Marriages are made in heaven but weddings are celebrated here on Earth. It is the fusion of traditions, emotions, enthusiastic relatives, sanctity and celebrations associated with marriages in India that make the Indian Weddings extremely enchanting. Add to all this the vibrancy and regal ambience of the processions make weddings in the tourist cities of Rajasthan an occasion- extraordinaire for the families involved.

In today’s times, Rajasthan has emerged as the preferred place to organize family functions as grand as a wedding. Rajasthan is well known not only in India but throughout the world for its unique jewellery which are pieces of art by itself, for its sprawling lawns and royal hotels, for a remarkable collection of souvenirs and above all for the stunning range of formal attires that its boutiques and designers offer. All this, and the accessibility, convenience of accommodation, transport and management of the entire affair has led to the arrival of Rajasthan as a ‘Marriage Hub’ for not only Indians but also for those residing in other parts of the world.

Rajasthan offers a wide variety of venues for the ceremony affordable to all classes of the society. The banquet halls, lush green lawns and pool-side revelry of the luxury and heritage hotels nestled in not only the Pink City but also in the other tourist cities of Udaipur, Jodhpur and Jaisalmer have come in as exclusive places to hold ‘theme weddings’ for the rich and famous. At the same time, the green spread of the resorts, clubs and marriage grounds located in different parts of the legendary cities of Rajasthan, too, offer a captivating site for the nuptial ceremony.

Easy transport and manageable distances make the to-fro movement of the families and guests, between the places of accommodation and ceremony, hassle-free. The procession, which is the soul of Royal Weddings in Rajasthan, compels the outsiders to come here and organize the marriages of their wards to make the occasion a truly memorable one. Away from the hustle and bustle of metros, the cities of Rajasthan offer the comfort and convenience of a leisurely wedding combined with the facilities and class of a metro city.

The array of conveniences that exist in Rajasthan has encouraged the tour operators and event managers to offer their clients a complete package for Royal Weddings. The responsibility of all arrangements ranging from venue-hotel bookings and invitations to organizing the receptions, ceremonies, sightseeing and shopping trips, is thoroughly taken care of by the seasoned specialists making it possible for the involved families to be a part of all the fun and enjoyment without a frown on their faces. No wonder that such a rare combination of convenience, comfort, grandeur, ambience and accessibility make Rajasthan the country’s favourite hub for Dream Weddings.

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