Reiki, How Does it Work?

How Does it Work ?
Woman Getting Reiki

Reiki is a wonderful starting point for all journeys into your own self. Reiki stimulates you in your own development. Reiki connection is a unique healing art. The essence of Reiki is love emanating joy and life. Attached to this are two more important energies of truth and freedom. Yet, the most important is love, the love of God who has given us the freedom to have our own experiences, to feel truth and divinity and be able to embrace love and perception and thereby contribute to the living growth of the universe in its entirety.

Reiki is very simple to carry out as nothing other than your hands are required to carry it out. It can safely be used at any time, in any place and for anything. To practice Reiki no faith or belief is required. It is successfully used by people of different religions, philosophies and ages. It is for everyone.

We are all born with this universal life energy, but our reactions to life cause us to become less open, with the result that the natural flow of energy is less pure and less available. Our personality, that is our ego or false self, is the filter for the energy. Practicing Reiki can enable us to shift into a harmonious state at the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels of being.

* Where ever there is love, hostility and tension cease. This is why acute inflammations cease under the effect of reiki. For they are symptoms of conflict bound to erupt when you resist life, and blockages occur. Reiki opens other, more harmonious pathways thus dissolving blockages.