#RelationshipTips: Biggest Deal Breakers In A Marriage

#RelationshipTips: Biggest Deal Breakers In A Marriage

A marriage between two people is a sacred bond. From the moment you get married, the expectation is to stay in the marriage until the end of life. However, what can you do if you experience uncomfortable situations in your marriage?

Here is a list of deal breakers in a marriage:

Wants and needs

Being married is about being in sync with the wants and needs of your partner. Your wants and needs as an individual is indeed important, which is why a partners who doesn’t agree or accept your wants and needs in the relationship should be a big NO. Especially those who are adamant about following their own rules, without considering what you want from this relationship.


Addressing issues is also a part of building a happy marriage. Your partner must be willing to address the issues both of you are having in this marriage, which results in (hopefully) solving the issues. Otherwise, your marriage will end up on a destructive path.

Making plans

When making plans, be aware if they are the type that will respect other people’s time or if they do not hesitate to spend it carelessly. This can be shown if they have constantly made last-minute cancellations to your plans, as it also shows that they aren’t really interested to spend time with you.


Finances is one of the many deal breakers in marriage and have even been one of the sources of divorce for many couples out there. Which is why you need to tread lightly here. A happy relationship will consist of both being on the same page on finances and spending it wisely. The biggest deal-breaker is when your partner decides to spend money without consulting you.

Controlling behavior

As much as both of you are in this relationship, that does not mean that they have put shackles on you and taken your freedom as an individual. The relationship has to be stable enough for both of you to enjoy being an individual in the relationship, otherwise your partner’s controlling behavior can lead you to feel suffocated and distraught.

Standing up

In today’s modern society, standing up for yourself is a must. Else, there is a line of people who will gladly take advantage of you. This is also something to watch out for in your relationship, as having a spineless partner can be extremely frustrating. The concern is if they are unable to stand up for themselves, how will they stand up for you?


Fighting can be a good or bad thing in a marriage. It can resolve previous issues that both the partners have and clear the air for whatever disagreements they have. But fighting that is too frequent is a red flag in a relationship. It’s tiresome, hurtful and shows that both of you have deep seated issues that are close to impossible to solve. Accept that if your partner is always up to argue with you, then your marriage may never be on the bright side.


Inconsistency is also another personality aspect that you should worry about. This is worrisome, for you won’t be able to be certain about whatever they are doing. You won’t even know what they are thinking or what they are secretly doing behind your back. If your partner is always inconsistent with their words and actions, then it’s time to let them go.

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