Siu Mai Tofu Dim Sum Recipe


Siu Mai Tofu Dim Sum is the vegan version of the regular Siu Mai, which can contain pork. Instead, this version contains tofu. You can still enjoy the deliciousness of Siu Mai with just the tofu protein added.

These were a big hit at our recent Momos & Dim sum class


  • 20 gr Chinese Cabbage
  • 20 gr Local Carrot
  • 3 gr Dry Mushroom shiitake
  • 25 gr Bengkuang/Jikama root
  • 3 gr mushroom seasoning
  • 20 gr White Sugar
  • 1 gr White pepper
  • 2 gr Salt
  • 10 ml sesame oil
  • 50 ml frying oil
  • 5 gr potato starch
  • 50 gr white bean curd


  1. Cut all vegetable into shredded, poached it then drain water
  2. heat up the wok, add cooking oil and shredded vegetable to stir fry
  3. Add all seasoning and sesame oil to stir fry together
  4. Dilute potato starch with water to thicken, set aside until chilled

*Wrappers can be bought at supermarkets.