Slumber Party Games


Beauty Queens

Slumber Party GamesFor all those young ladies who want to grow up to be beauty queens, this is one of the best games you could play! Have a beauty contest in which the contestants have to apply all of their make-up without a mirror. This is a game in which the most dreadful looking contestant wins the prize. Do remember to take photographs, you’ll laugh yourselves sick looking at them for years to come!

Movie Trivia

movie-trivia A game movie buffs will freak out on! Decide on a film that you will make your friends watch on video. Gather trivia about the film and its actors (check out the website , it offers loads of trivia on thousands of movies). Draw up a list of fun questions about the film. Once your friends arrive, have everyone watch the video; then ask the trivia questions about the movie they just watched. Have a contest to see who can come up with the most correct answers.

Guessing Game

Slumber Party Games Write the names of famous people on separate cards and tape one card to the back of each guest. Let everyone walk around in the same room, and instruct them not to mention the name on each person’s back, but to talk to everyone as if they are the person on their card. For example if one of the guests has ‘Atal Behari Vajpayee’ written on his card, graciously enquire about his troubled knee! When everyone guesses their “true identity” the game is over.

Truth or Dare

Slumber Party Games This is an old favourite. A game that helps you get to know your friends better, binding you closer as a result. Gather your friends into a group and seat yourselves comfortably. Choose one person to begin. The “beginner” gets to choose who goes first by asking someone “Truth or dare?” The chosen person must respond either “Truth” or “Dare.” If he/she responds “Truth”, then he/she must respond truthfully to any question asked. If he/she responds “Dare”, he/she must perform a dare that is presented to him/her (no matter what). Prizes are not usually awarded. However, if the host/hostess chooses, small prizes can be awarded for dares once they are successfully completed