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If stress can’t be avoided, try one or all of the techniques listed below.


This means putting your worries out of your head. Some people can do this easier than others. Try to ignore the problem for as long as possible, the longer you ignore it, the more time there is for the body’s fight and flight reaction to lessen, thereby reducing stress and anxiety.

Have Fun

Go out and enjoy yourself, laugh and have fun, go to parties and cheer yourself up. While you are having fun, and even after, you will notice how most problems will diminish in size.

Physical Activity

Work off stress through any type of exercise that you enjoy and are physically able to do. Physical activity of any kind always counteracts the effects of stress and will usually leave you feeling relaxed and rational about your problems.


Relaxation is a great way to fight stress. Try to lie down in a quiet place for twenty minutes each day in a darkened room, let nothing disturb you and just concentrate on feeling good about yourself. Another good exercise is to try to get ten hours sleep each night for a whole week. If you can manage this for a complete week you should feel a whole lot better.

Problems with work, money and daily life in the nineties are taking its toll and some of the symptoms show themselves in different ways in different people. Unfortunately one of the most common symptoms is excessive hair falling out and general thinning. This problem is not unique to men, the symptoms can affect females just as easily. Reducing stress is easier said than done but some of the causes and cures are outlined below. The focus of stress is often in the mind rather than in the body. There are many ways in which stress can show itself. It is particularly difficult to adjust to severe changes if they catch us unprepared.


Exercise is a particularly effective way to relieve stress, it keeps your body fit and able to cope with stress more easily. Try to participate in a sport or activity that you really enjoy and give it your full concentration.


To have a period of relaxation where you turn your mind off to everything can have a very therapeutic effect. Try and lie down in a darkened room for half an hour a day with no disturbances and no sound at all. As you are lying there just try and think of nothing or only good things that have happened to you, it will take a while to get used to doing nothing for half an hour but the benefits will be noticeable to you.

Stress can be relieved by slowing down rather than speeding up. Slowing down can be achieved by talking to people, taking pills, learning to relax, doing special exercises such as yoga and meditation, having a holiday or just taking it easy for a couple of days.


Relaxation and exercise will also help you sleep at night. Everyone knows how much sleep they need, so try and get it. Too little or too much sleep affects our lives, leading to health problems and the results can cause deterioration in the appearance of your hair and skin.


Just as the residue from drugs and medication and all the other negative things that we put in our bodies show up in our physical appearance, the positive results of nutritional care are evidenced there also.
We must achieve a balance among the essential nutrients, protein, fat and carbohydrates, as well as vitamins and minerals, to achieve a healthy, balanced body.

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