Stuffed Mango Kulfi by Suruchi Mishra

Stuffed Mango Kulfi by Suruchi Mishra

Enjoy the delightful combination of the creamy kulfi and the burst of tropical mango flavor with every bite. Mango Stuffed Kulfi is a perfect treat for any occasion, and itโ€™s bound to impress your family and friends with its unique and delicious taste.

Carefully remove the seed from the mango without breaking the skin and fill the hollowed mango with a simple kulfi recipe.


  • 4 ripe mangoes
  • 1 pkt condensed milk
  • 1 glass milk
  • handful of pistachios
  • few strands of saffron



  • Boil the milk in non stick pan till its reduced to half
  • once cool, add condensed milk
  • add crushed pistachios and saffron strands
  • let it cool completely
  • Take pulp of 2 mangoes and mix with the milk mixture.

filling the mango

  • Take the other 2 mangoes and with help of a spoon and pincers, take out the mango seed leaving the skin intact
  • Now fill the kulfi milk mixture in the mangoes and keep them upright in small bowls
  • Freeze overnight
  • Peel and cut into small pieces.
  • Serve chilled