Sun Salutation – A Technique of Solar Vitalization by Rutu Panjwani


It is a fact that every living organism derives its energy from the Sun. Till the time the sun is radiating bright in the sky we are lucky to receive His rays and energy. The Suryopanishads states that people who worship the Sun become powerful, active, intelligent and acquire a long life. The sun completes one rotation on its axis in 12 years. As per a study of cycle of Sun states that when the frequency of sun cycle is high its creates earthquakes, comets, volcanic eruptions, meteor showers, change in germ cell, increase in incident of high blood pressure and Diabetes in human, etc.

Sun salutation or Surya Namaskar is a form of gratitude where we become aware of the power of Sun and bow down to this living God. Sun salutation is a series of 12 physical postures which are as below:

  1. Prayer Pose (Pranam Asana): Stand erect feet slightly apart, eyes closed and palms joined together in front of chest. Breathing: Breathe normally.

    Pranam Asana
    Pranam Asana
  2. Raised arm pose (Hastha Uthanasana): Raise and stretch both arms above the head, palms facing upwards. Breathing: Inhale while raising arms.

    Hastha Uthanasana
    Hastha Uthanasana
  3. Hand to Foot Pose (Padhastasana): In continous movement bend forward from hips, bring hands on floor and try to touch your forehead to the knees. Breathing: Exhale while bending forward.

  4.  Equestrain pose (Ashwa Sanchalansana): Keeping left leg in front take right leg behind, right leg knee touching on floor and feet flat. Breathing: Inhale while bringing chest forward.

    Ashwa Sanchalansana
    Ashwa Sanchalansana
  5. Plank: Take both legs behind and align the entire body in one straight line in a way that the entire body weight is spread on your arms and toes. Breathing: Exhale while taking legs backward.

  6. Salute with eight parts (Ashtanga Namaskara): Lower knees, chest and chin on floor, hips risen and hands below shoulders. Breathing: Hold breathe.

    Ashtanga Namaskara
    Ashtanga Namaskara
  7. Cobra Pose (Bhujangasana): Straighten arms and arch back backward, face up and legs joined together. Breathing: Inhale while raising torso.

  8. Down-ward Dog (Parvatsana): Repeat pose 5. Breathing: Exhale
  9. Equestrain Pose (Ashwasanchalanasana): Repeat pose 4. Breathing: Inhale
  10. Hand to Foot pose (Padhastasana): Repeat pose 3.
  11. Raise arm pose (Hasta Uthanasana): Repeat pose 2. Breathing: Inhale
  12. Prayer pose (Pranamasana): Repeat pose 1. Breathing: Exhale

Note: The above positions are half round. Repeat the entire set as mentioned above on the right side to complete 1 full circle.

FAQs for Sun salutations:

  1. How many rounds to be practiced?
    Answer: There are no set rules on number of rounds. However, you should keep in mind your capacity. You shouldn’t feel exhausted. Remember that sun salutation is a powerful practice, and over doing it may result in side effects like aches, boils, rashes etc.
  2. When and where to practice?
    Answer: Ideal time to practice is during sunrise. Ideally it is practiced facing the rising sun. Spread a mat or blanket for comfort and protection in your practice.
  3. Who cannot perform sun salutations?
    Answer: As such there is no age barrier. Though it shouldn’t be practiced by people with high blood pressure, coronary heart disease or those who have had stroke.
    During menstruation women can practice sun salutations, however precautions should be taken like avoid during heavy or painful flow.

Benefits of Sun Salutation:

  1. Helps in weight loss
  2. Strengthens joints and muscles
  3. Harmonizes and balances energy levels
  4. Improves digestion and menstruation related problems
  5. Improves immunity
  6. Helps detox
  7. Makes body flexible and strong
  8. Helps balance hormones

By Rutu Trivedi Panjwani