Rutu Trivedi Panjwani: Weightloss or Fitness

Weightloss or Fitness

Hello all… I am Rutu Trivedi Panjwani, recently moved to Jakarta from India. I am a fitness and Yoga trainer and food and nutrition happen to be at the top of my subjects of interest. Two years go, it would have been impossible for me to write even a single word on this topic. I too suffered from the horrifying weight gain issues, till I decided to change for myself. I am glad to share my journey with all of you and promise to post every week and share my experiences, food facts and the knowledge that I have effectively inculcated. Hopefully all this information will be beneficial to the readers.

Have you guys seen the movie 3 idiots!!! There’s one of my favorite dialogues by Rancho, ‘’Bachcha Kaabil bano, kaabil… Kamiyabi toh jhakh marke piche bhagegi’’. To translate in English, he meant that make yourself able for excellence, success will surly follow you. And somewhat similar to that, even I wish to say that keep your goal as FITNESS, you will attain weight loss as a by-product. Today when weight loss is a big hype, I really feel the need that people should do a paradigm shift from sheer weight loss to fitness.
So now when we know our goal, let’s start out fitness journey. But before we begin one thing that all of you must do, whether you are in shape or not is … Love yourself… In whatever shape or size you are, you must love yourself. I have seen people starting to hate themselves if they gain weight, or have hair fall, or not doing well at work, or being a forgetful person, etc etc…And the list to hate you is long and silly. If you don’t love self for what you are today, you will not love yourself for what you are tomorrow. So step 1 is wake up in the morning, go to the mirror, smile at yourself and say ‘I LOVE YOU’. And trust me you will start looking more beautiful/handsome and people will notice that because journey towards fitness begins from within

Second thing that you need to do is prepare yourself for is a lifestyle change. If you are not happy and satisfied with what you currently are then its because of poor lifestyle and unhealthy food habits. You have be mentally and physically better today than yesterday and again better tomorrow than today. So spend some time with yourself, jot down your strength’s and weakness and then work towards it. For example, if one of your weaknesses is that you don’t have enough stamina, and you are almost dead by the end of the day and if you have written this down, you actually become aware and will consciously put efforts towards improving it.

And I would like to end this article with a suggestion that don’t set a temporary goal. Fitness is like marriage, once the knot is tied, you have to stick to it for a lifetime. Prepare yourself for exercise. I know exercise is uncomfortable but we need to get out of our comfort zone. You have to take out time for yourself today because you never know; people will take time out for you tomorrow or not!!!