The Importance of Vaastu in Life, by Sri Maharaj Washdev Sharma

The Importance of Vaastu in Life, by Sri Maharaj Washdev Sharma

Whether you build a house or a commercial building, you want it to be infused with positive energy. This is why you need Vaastu. Many people think that vaastu is quite similar with Chinese feng shui, but it is actually quite different.

Recently, we had a chance to talk to a vaastu expert and priest, Sri Maharaj Washdev Sharma. He has title, ‘Sri’, which means that he has reached a certain state in his profession as a vaastu expert. Sharma is also an expert in numerology, astrology, and palmistry.

Sharma explained vaastu and its importance in our daily lives. If you’ve been thinking that vaastu is a very complicated practice, you might be wrong. Because vaastu is a very simple once you know the basics!

“Vaastu is very old information, since around 3000 B.C. Feng shui (which is usually associated with vaastu) is very much a part of the vaastu,” explained him. Vaastu shastra consists as two words: ‘vaas’ means ‘to occupy’ and ‘shastra’ which means ‘knowledge’. “So basically everybody who is occupying a building (whether it is commercial building or private house), it is important make sure that the elements where the building is made from is not disturbing the rest of the nature.”

The constructions of a lot of Hindu temples, even Balinese temples, follow the basic 5 elements: wind, water, fire, air, and earth. “In vaastu, we don’t only follow these elements. We also look at the directions. The main direction of the building is following the sun,” he explained. He said that when a building is facing the sun, it will be beneficial for the people living in the building. “This is also the reason why a lot of homes are facing the direction of the sunrise.”

Vaastu also has a great importance in everybody’s daily activity. “If you have the correct combination of the directions and elements of vaastu, the building will also bring the nourishment for the people who are living inside the house,” Sharmaji explained.

To practice vaastu, you don’t always have to consult it to the expert. “Vaastu can be practiced by anyone. The basic thing you can do in practicing vaastu is to follow the sun. For example, you are sleeping with your head in the east direction and your feet in the west direction. If you sleep this way, the sun will go around your body. You can be more relaxed when you sleep,” Sharma explained.

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