Things to Know before Joining a Spinning Class


Things to Know before Joining a Spinning Class

Spinning class (indoor cycling) is probably one of the quick ways to get a super intense exercise that benefits your power and speed.

In the past few years, people have been raving about how fun yet overwhelming the exercise is. It’s a fun class because you’ll be pedaling to the pumping beats that combine well with the energy of the instructor. However, for first timers, it could be a little bit overwhelming for some reasons, like how the people in the class are so energetic, sweaty, and look so intense. You might be also wondering things like “how can I adjust the height of my bike?” “what shoes should I wear to the class?” or “do I really need to follow the instructions?”. All seems so scary.

But no, spinning class is actually not that scary.

You can start your first spinning class anytime you want. However, since everything is new to you, there are some things that you need to know before joining your first spinning class.

Choose the best classes for you

Look up at the internet, get the brochures, or ask people around you about the recommended spinning classes at town. Usually a spin class is equipped with sound system, dim lights, and disco lamps to create an ambiance. Some classes are just like normal class, a regular room with rows of bikes in it. Pick whichever comfortable for you.

Wear comfortable clothes

You can guarantee that your body will work up a sweat. Wear moisture-wicking clothes to keep cool and dry. As for your feet, cycling shoes are recommended, but normal running or gym shoes will work fine.

Arrive earlier

It’s normal to feel intimidated before going to your spinning class. So, it’s better to arrive to the class earlier. The class would be still empty, and you can set your bike or talk with your instructor comfortably. You need to make sure that your first class is enjoyable.

Choose and set your bike

Some classes will require you to pre-book your bike, while others allow you to pick and set any bike you want upon arrival to the class. To set your bike, simply sit on the saddle and place the ball of your foot on the pedal. Your leg should be straight, without your hips rocking. When you clip in or attach the cages, you’ll have a slight bend. Alternatively, you can also jump off the bike, and set the saddle height to match your hip bone.

Know the resistance

There will be a resistance knob or computer screen on your bike to adjust the speed and resistance during the class. Get familiar with the tools before the class is started. Try to adjust the knob and push the pedal. During the class, you don’t have to follow the instructions all the time. You can adjust the resistance as you want, and go on your own pace depending on your limit.


Indoor cycling is a super sweaty workout, and you’ll lose a lot of fluids. Keep a water bottle with you so you can take small, regular sips during the workout. It will help you keep going for longer and prevent you from getting a cramp.

Have a towel near you

Yes, it’s obvious that you’ll need to wipe the sweat rolling from your temples or neck. Other than that, towel would come handy when you need support for your slippery hands, or for the seat.

Take a break

Many classes include sprint intervals, where you pedal as hard as you can before taking a short rest to pedal slowly. You can find the breaks between the intervals to catch your breath, drink water or wipe up the sweat while giving your body a little rest. You can also skip the interval altogether—nobody would judge you!

Last but not least, enjoy the class

Spinning class is a really fun class, and it also burns a lot of calories. No reason for not enjoying every pedal you have in it!