Time to Play



The quality of a business owners life and the success of the business is heavily dependant on sources of energy and inspiration outside the workplace. These activities and relationships are enjoyable in their own right, and are vital to maintaining physical, mental, spiritual and emotional well-being.

  1. Take 20 minutes of physical exercise (swimming, cycling working-out, running etc.) immediately after work. In a few weeks you will enjoy it, and it serves as a ‘switch-off’ from the working day and generates more energy.
  2. Consider ending any relationship which is consistently keeping you awake, dragging you down or draining you. Seek professional help and advice earlier rather than later. Whatever you do, deal with it.
  3. Always speak the truth as you see it. It never pays to lie or exaggerate.
  4. Block out holidays and planning time in your diary for the following year. We will only plan if we have planned the time to plan.
  5. Ensure your car is in reliable condition, that it does not need repair, cleaning or mechanical work.
  6. Unless repairing appliances is a fun hobby for you, do not waste weekends fixing things. Either replace appliances that do not work, or employ somebody to get them repaired.
  7. Unless you love gardening, consider employing a gardener.
  8. Rise at the same time every day – even during weekends. Eventually you will not need a wake-up call; and the extra time you have at weekends can be used for relaxation and play.
  9. Eliminate from your circle of friends people who criticise, judge or try to change you. Trying to please others is a huge waste of time.
  10. Avoid excessive indulgence in food or drink; this leaves you lethargic and hung-over, with less energy.
  11. Spend some time every year writing/reviewing a mission-statement or life purpose. You will have more fun, make better decisions, and make much better use of time when you are clear about your personal and professional direction. When you love what you do, you will never have to work again.
  12. Avoid idly surfing the internet. If you HAVE to use it, consider keeping a list of sites you want to visit, wait until you have at least three, and then limit your time online. Many clients have saved an hour per day on this alone – that’s five hours per week, over 200 working hours per year – which is more than many professionals’ annual holidays!
  13. Become familiar with teleforums and online communities, which allow you to keep in touch with many people simultaneously, and enables you to make new friends.
  14. Get a swim-buddy or workout-partner so that your commitment to them will over-ride the temptation to stay on in bed or in the office.


Time to Rest

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