NYE2019 party tipsCelebrating New Year’s Eve doesn’t mean that you have to go to some exciting places and party your night away. You can have a blast celebrating NYE at your home and save some money too. Celebrating NYE with your closest ones is as good and fun as celebrating in expensive bar or hotels.

Here are tips and tricks to have a festive celebration in your house, with minimum budget and lots of fun!

Ask for permission

If you’re living in Indonesia and want to have a bigger party in your house, it is wise to ask for permission from your neighbors, mainly Ketua RT (chairman of the neighborhood) and security staff near your house. This shows that you respect your neighbors, and also to prevent unexpected and unwanted things that could happen during the party.

Make a guest list

Unless you only want to celebrate it with your core family, make a guest list. Send your invitation as soon as you made the list, to ‘block’ their schedule for NYE. Announce that you want to host a party via your WhatsApp or Facebook group for easier reach to your circle of friends.

Decorate your house

Decorate your house with ribbons, balloons, ‘Happy New Year’ ornaments, confetti, and many more. If your budget is low, you can skip this step. Instead, ask your friends to wear fun dress and ornaments to make the party more exciting!

Order food

You can cook by yourself or order food for the party. Actually, it is more fun if you prepare barbecue equipment and ingredients, and have a barbecue party before midnight. But if you want to involve your friends more in the party (and save some), or you can have everyone get a dish.

Make the party fun

Clear your living room from sofas and tables, and make it a dance floor. Tune in some exciting dance music and let your guests have a blast in your party. Besides that, don’t forget to have a gift exchange session!

Prepare fireworks

Near the midnight, have the fireworks ready on your backyard. Countdown to the New Year and when the clock hits 00.00, make your own firework party at your home. Also ask your guests to pop all the balloons, blow the trumpets and wish each other a Happy New Year to close the party.

After the fireworks, you can end the party or continue with some more chill-out session. You can change the music into softer tunes, where your guests can chat to each other in more relaxing manner. Or else, you are also free to throw some more dance and beat music, and let your guests partying till dawn.

Celebrating NYE in home is such a fun thing, and you can get closer with your friends and beloved one. The best thing is that you can decide what kind of party that you want to have, and you only invite the best people in your life.

Happy New Year!


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