Top Personal Grooming Tips for Men

Top Personal Grooming Tips for Men

Who says that grooming is not important for men?

Gentlemen, there’s nothing wrong in keeping yourself neat and clean every day. Yes, there are a lot of rumors about personal grooming for men. Some believe that the real men have harsh physical appearance. On the other side, many say that one of the man’s best traits is his personal grooming.

Actually, grooming doesn’t decrease manliness in men. Many women prefer neat men who care enough to apply a little pomade on their hair. However, it’s also not wrong when a man wants to keep his beard and wear shabby sneakers. The mix of qualities makes a man looks attractive and boosts his confidence.

Self-grooming tips for men don’t begin in the shower like many people might think. It also doesn’t begin at the barber’s shop. Grooming is actually a small element of a bigger puzzle: personal care. So, grooming will not only improve a man’s appearance, but also his health. It begins with balancing your diet and physical exercise into your lifestyle. Get rid of bad habits like smoking or alcohol as much as possible. When you’re healthy inside, your appearance will also look more attractive.

Here are our personal grooming tips for men, for a more good-looking you:

Shower daily

If you live in a tropical country, chances are you take showers at least twice a day. It’s important to have a shower, especially in the morning, because it’s the time when you can clean yourself before you start your day. A morning shower will make you stay clean and smell well without even using cologne. It’s also a good mood booster, as the cold water will ‘wake’ you up and energize you.

Keep your hands clean

It is not only washing your hands after meals and after you used the bathroom. Make sure to cut your nails clean, and there is no dirt under your nails. It doesn’t hurt to invest on a hand cream to keep your hands soft and smell good.

Shave/trim your beard

This actually depends on your personal taste. If you like it clean, it’s good to know when to shave. But, if you prefer to keep the beard on your face for harsher look, make sure it’s well trimmed. Having beard doesn’t mean that you can’t look neat.

Have your clothes tailored

This is especially for your office attire and suits. No matter what your shape is, the right fit makes everything looks so much better.

Cleanse your face regularly

Usually, men use the same soap on their body that they use on their face. However, most body soaps are too strong for the face. Now there are many brands that sell facial cleansers for men. Remember that the facial skin is much more sensitive than the body skin, so never use the body soap for your face again.

Trim your nose, ear and neck hair

You might not notice, but the hair in your nose, ear and on the neck has a tendency to grow. When it seems like the hair ruins your appearance, trim it. Even if you smell good, well-dressed and neat, the untrimmed hair on those places will distract the person you meet or speak to.

Use fragrance

This doesn’t mean that you have to buy expensive perfumes. It’s important to make yourself stay fresh, and one of the ways to maintain that is by using some fragrances. But don’t use too much, because less is more.

Maintain your posture

A man’s posture speaks loud about his confidence and assertiveness. Don’t slouch, and make sure to keep your back straight while walking. To keep your posture straight and look more confident, develop your core muscles by exercising regularly.

Brush and floss

It’s a common sense to brush and floss your teeth regularly, because you want a charming smile, don’t you? Brush and floss twice a day to keep your teeth and mouth clean, and also keep the dental cavity at bay. If necessary, use mouthwash to prevent dragon’s breath. You don’t want your important meeting is ruined by bad breath, right?