#Top3 #ThisWeek: Pay Taxes Online, Boba Tea Recipe & More About Glioblastoma


Jakarta is back to its normal state. Traffic and busy intersections are cropping up, along with pollution, crowded places and more! The city maybe busy, but it is alive again! Enjoy the liveliness of the city while reading more of the top three topics this week.

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Paying taxes 

Paying taxes has always been a last minute, hurried affair, in which there are many rules and many procedures to be taken in order to file it. Nowadays visitors can even use the latest app ‘e-filing’ to make the process more accessible and easier.

The first step is to find your Electronic Filing Identification Number or EFIN number, which is your personal tax number. This string of numbers and letters are important for they provide security for identification while you are entering your taxes.

Head over to the OnlinePajak app to fill in the form and get your EFIN number. some of the features of entering your taxes is that OnlinePajak can be accessed without paying, can count taxes automatically, is online-based with receipts gained in real time.

Another option to file taxes is through DJP online. This is an online based way of filing taxes which aims to give ease to taxpayers to make things easier, cheaper and faster.

SPT (Sarana Prima Telematika) is one that you should try, for it has a online file taxing system, online consultation, online based information system, integrated service for accounting app as well as payment through the app.

Finally, the last option is the E-Filing ASP BRI. This bank is the only one that offers e-Filing facilities, at 24 x 7 hours at that!

Bubble Tea

Ingredients for tapioca pearls:

  • 1/3 cup water
  • ¼ cup sugar
  • 1 cup tapioca starch
  • ¼ teaspoon black food dye

Ingredients for bubble tea drink:

  • 300 grams of water
  • 10 black tea
  • 300 grams soy milk
  • Some maple syrup

How to make tapioca pearls:

  1. Place water in pan (medium heat)
  2. Add brown sugar
  3. Black food dye
  4. When it starts to boil add half of the starch
  5. Mix until it reaches medium consistency
  6. Turn heat off as soon as it can be gathered into a ball
  7. Add the remaining starch
  8. Pour on a flat surface and knead
  9. Knead until all traces of flour are gone and mixture is smooth
  10. Roll into a log with 1.5 cm circumference
  11. Cut into half and roll again
  12. Cut log into smaller pieces
  13. Shape each into a ball
  14. Cook for 15 minutes in boiling water
  15. Turn off heat and rest for 5 minutes
  16. Strain and let it cool

How to make boba tea:

  1. Mix in soy milk, black tea and water.
  2. Bring to boil
  3. Strain the solution and let it cool
  4. Finally, pour in the tapioca pearls, maple syrup and tea into a glass. Your boba tea is done!


For that past few weeks, Indonesia has been rocked by news of its comedian, Agung Hercules who has become sick from a rare type of brain cancer called the glioblastoma. He is more known for his antics, his looks of bulging muscles to long, free-flowing hair. Unfortunately he has been struck with stage IV brain cancer that has been growing in his left brain.

Glioblastomas are malignant stage IV brain cancers. The condition is quite serious for the patients as most of the symptoms are quite undetected, leading most to believe the condition may not be as serious as it may be. Afterwards, the patient will generally feel a terrible onset of symptoms, leading to the doctor’s diagnosis of a glioblastoma. However, that is not to say that the symptoms are undetected:

Symptoms of glioblastoma includes

  • Persistent headaches
  • Double or blurred vision
  • Vomiting
  • Loss of appetite
  • Changes in mood and personality
  • Changes in ability to think and learn
  • New onset of seizures
  • Speech difficulty of gradual onset

If anyone you know are experiencing these symptoms or having such terrible headache until fainting, be aware as these symptoms might lead to a diagnosis on cancer. Paying attention to these symptoms might even save a life. Or else, get a second opinion whenever you are having a combination of these symptoms.