Travel Photography Tips for Beginners

Photography Tips at Dusk

These days, photography is highly relevant. From formal shots to travel shots, photography records and saves the moment as a memory that you will cherish forever. So why not start to learn how to take beautiful pictures that save the moments?

Here are some photography tips for travel:

Choose the correct lighting

In order to take a beautiful shot, lighting is one of the most important aspect. With beautiful, warm lighting, pictures will turn out great. For those reasons, the hour after sunrise and the hour before sunrise are dubbed ‘golden hours’ for their soft, warm tones. In the meantime, the hour after sunset or sunrise is called ‘blue hour’ because of the presence of the blue sky combined with city lights.

Research your destination

Doing research on your destination will make you more productive and help with your photography journey. The internet has opened up a lot of possibilities, in which there are more sources of information where you can find about the location that you are looking for. You can search online, look up images on pinterest or even reach out to people who have been there.

Set your purpose

Research, done thoroughly will give you more opportunities to catch the essence of the place on your photographs. True that there are some unexpectedly beautiful images that can be taken spontaneously yet that does not happen a lot. You are more likely to get a planned shot then an unexpected shot that came out the way that you wanted it.

Take the perfect angle

Other than lighting, composition is the second most important thing to remember when taking pictures. The human eye is already trained to see when there are oddities in any scenario which is why composition matters a lot in photography. You can either imagine or put in the 3:3 composition setting on your camera. It may not be the 3:3 composition rule in a camera, but having any sort of balance in your picture will create a more eye-pleasing photography for anyone to look it.

Spare time especially for photography

If you are a beginner who seriously wants to delve into photography and take amazing pictures, then time is also something that you need. Good pictures do not happen within a shutter click or two but rather due to preparation, time and patience. Don’t rush the process and spare some time during your trip to take amazing photographs.

Try your hand at different angles

As been said, you need to take time in order to get that perfect shot. For this reason, time is also needed in order for you to try different angles. Rather than trying out stereotypical angles that many take, why not try a new angle? You will get a much fresher perspective of the place and get more experience of taking pictures at the same time!

Learn photo editing

Many consider photo editing to be cheating. That is not the case, for editing your images beautifies your images to make it look exactly as you imagined it to be. If anything, learning photo editing will help you in your journey to becoming the photographer you wish to be. Your images will look more beautiful than you first took it.


Bringing in a tripod can make a whole lot of difference to your images. Bringing a tripod to your vacation will allow you to change camera settings while taking the images. Therefore, you will put more thought into each picture you take. Having a tripod also means that you can have more options in taking pictures from long-exposure shots to low light shots.

These days, taking pictures has become a necessity rather than an option. If you are a beginner that strives to take excellent shots, these tips will help you take better pictures. Soon, these tips will make you become a better photographer that creates great pictures!

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