What Can I Do to Stop Snoring?


It’s normal for people to snore occasionally while sleeping. However frequent snoring will affect the quantity and quality of your sleep, as well as your roommates or family members. Snoring can lead to daytime fatigue, poor sleep quality, and increased health problems.

Snoring happens when air cannot move freely through nose and throat during sleep. It makes the surrounding tissues vibrate and creates the snoring sound. Other factors also contribute to the frequency of snoring, such as obesity, age, nasal and sinus problems, alcohol consumption, and sleeping posture. The way you snore can reveals the reason behind the snoring:

  • Closed-mouth snoring indicates that the tongue is the cause.
  • Open-mouthed snoring usually caused by sinus trouble or sleeping posture.
  • Snoring from any position might indicate sleep apnea or significant issues that require medical treatment.

Regardless of the causes, you can do simple remedies to help you stop snoring. Here are some tricks that you can try to solve your snoring problem:

Change your sleeping position

Sleeping flat on your back can be one of the factors. When sleeping in this position, the tongue tends to stick to the back wall of the throat and clog the airway. This leads to snoring.

It is better to sleep on your side (the right side). This supports your respiratory tract and is good for your heart. But, if changing sleep position is hard for you, you can try to add more pillows so it lifts your head position. When your head is higher than your body while sleeping, it will loosen your respiratory tract and prevent snoring.


People with weight issues have a tendency to snore more. This is usually because of the folds or creases on their necks that cause throat constriction and clogs the airways in that area. To reduce snoring, try a healthier lifestyle. Of course, dieting will help your body be healthier and prevent other diseases.

Rest and sleep regularly

Lack of sleep also can contribute to your snoring habit. When you sleep in an exhausted condition, your body muscles can’t work optimally and causes a snoring sound. So, it will be better if you schedule your daily activities and make sure you get enough time to rest and sleep.

Stop alcohol

Long term alcohol consumption sure can have a negative impact on your body. Alcohol makes muscles and nerves in the throat relax and causes snoring. Stopping alcohol consumption, especially before bed, will help you to reduce snoring.

Stop smoking

Smoking can make irritation on mucous membrane of respiratory tract, and then will cause swelling on that area and increase mucus production. Excessive mucus production clogs respiratory tract and at the end, causes snoring sounds.

Take a hot bath

When you’re not fit or too tired, a hot bath will relax and help you breathe better.

Relaxation and Yoga

Develop mini relaxation techniques to practice at bedtime to help you to reduce snoring habit. You can listen to soft music and light an aromatherapy candle in your room. Music and aromatherapy will help you to sleep more soundly. Besides music and aromatherapy, you can also practice yoga routinely that will help you reduce the snoring problem. Pranayama is a wonderful snoring remedy.

We are sure that these tips will help you to reduce your snoring problems! If it does not work, you may need to see your physician for medical treatment.