What Is Reiki?

What Is Reiki?

Most enlightened men through out the centuries have made statements like.
There is a state of being which contains all creation and out of which all life arose, the energy of this state of being lives in all things. A superior intelligent force does exist which is continually creating the universe out of itself. This energy is immeasurable as it has manifested in all forms of life shape and structure. It brings forth all life in the universe and nourishes it.
Reiki is also based on similar understanding and perception.

Reiki is the Japanese word, defined as being that power or force or energy, which acts and lives in all created matter. The word Reiki can be broken into two component parts, the syllable “Rei” describing the universal, transcendental spirit, mysterious power and essence, and “Ki” the vital force energy that flows through all living beings. Thus Reiki is the word for Universal life force energy.

We also say that Reiki is the greatest vibration of life energy available to human being. This vibration has a divine quality and for this reason does not exclude anything. It allows us to make contact with the impulses alive in the world, thus conveying “oneness”.

It is the “path of healing love.” It is given from the heart and is often experienced as the receiving of unconditional love. This love has the power to bring us back to a state of peace and harmony. It is a unique healing art which stimulates your own development and brings equilibrium at all levels of existence.

Reiki helps dissolve tension at the physical, mental and emotional plane. Release in tension permits rapid removal of toxins and blockages enhancing a normal flow of life energy in all areas. Once the organism is thoroughly detoxified it has more scope to receive, store and use more life energy. Reiki triggers an intensive process of purification, stimulates the body to heal, resulting in a process of rejuvenation and relaxation. Though all people must experience this their own unique way.