What’s Up Chef: Green Peas Stuffed Samosa Recipe by Aparna Rakhra

What's Up Chef Green Peas Stuffed Samosa Recipe by Aparna Rakhra
What's Up Chef Green Peas Stuffed Samosa Recipe by Aparna Rakhra

Aparna Rakhra is an amazing cook and demonstrated her talent very ably at the 4th What’s Up Chef cooking demo and tasting event. Her green peas stuffed spicy samosas were really crisp on the outside with a tast filling. Here is the recipe for you to try…

Ingredients for approx 80 samosas  

I. For Dough :         

Flour (Maida) 1 kg
Oil 125-150 ML
Salt 1 tsp (or as per taste)

II. For Filling:

Matar or green peas 1 kg (1 tb sp per Samosa )  (Crushed in Chopper)
Cashew 25 chopped
Almonds 20-25 chopped
Kishmish 30-35 chopped
Green chilis 10-12 chopped
Ginger 100 grams finely chopped
Sugar 2 tsp
Hing 1 tsp
Salt 2tsp ( or as per taste}
Pink salt (Kala Namak)2 tsp
Cumin (Jeera) 2 tsp
Jeera Powder ½ tsp
Fennel seed (Saunf) Powder 2 tsp
Whole Fennel (Saunf)  1 tsp
Coriander (Dhaniya)Powder  ½ tsp
Coriander leaves ¼ cup
Amchur powder2 tsp
Ghee 3 Tb sp and oil 2 tb sp for filling
Oil for Frying 300-400 ml


  • Take Maida and mix the salt, then make a well in between to put oil in it.
  • Rub gently the oil into maida to give a look of bread crumbs.
  • Now gradually add water to make a hard dough.
  • Rest the dough for 30 minutes to one hour, covered with damp cloth (while it is resting, create the filling)
  • Heat the Ghee and oil in a wok, add Jeera and Hing.
  • Add Ginger, chilies and all the dry spices except sugar.
  • Add chopped nuts and kishmish.
  • Add Crushed matar and Coriander leaves.
  • Cook until water dries (approximately 5-7 min). Mix well.
  • Cool the filling.
  • Make small rounds (Lemon size) of the dough.
  • Roll into oval Shape and cut into half semi circles.
  • Fold and join semicircle to make a cone using maida paste.
  • Put the matar filling in this cone, give a fold at the back and close the mouth of the samosa using maida paste.
  • Make few samosas and start frying in medium heat until golden.
  • Serve Hot with Mint chatni and tamarind (Imli) chatni.

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For further information please contact Aparna: +62 815 1162 0480