Yoga Philosophy ( Lecture 11 )

Yoga Philosophy And Meditation


Yoga philosophy actully teaches the Astatang Yoga to restrin the Chitta’s various forms. For example when we see the water in a big pot and if the water is restrained and there is no any movement in the water then only we are able to see the shadow of moon in that pot .whereas if there is any movement in the water the shadow of moon will disappear . similarly if the Chitta has got various worldly forms through five senses .

Then nobody is able to see GOD(realisation of god) .That is why Lord Krishna in 6 chapter shaloka 7to15has stated that who has overcome chitta’s various forms and who has controlled his five senses ,five perceptions and mind, who sits alone at a lonely place does Aasans and control chitta’s various forms ,he is a perfect yogi and gets peace of final liberation.

However in sholka 33and 34 Arjuna puts problem stating that Chitta is very much powerful like the wind .Arjuna states that as the blowing wind in the space cannot be stopped by anybody else ,similarly the various forms of Chitta cannot be stopped.And in the absence of total stoppageof the Chitta’s various forms, nobody is able to do Aasan or meditation etc .In reply Lord Krishna preaches Yoga philosophy in sholoka 35 and 36 that the continuous practice of Yoga philosophy by an ascetic total stoppage of the Chitta’s various forms is possible .now a days we see that this this kind of superb preach by Lord Krishna is not being followed and there are very few who are real ascetics and practise Aasan/meditation ie; full Ashtang Yoga.Whereas from Mahabharta and Valmiki Ramayan we see that in the past three ancient periods Satya,Treta and Dwapur,this yoga philosophy used to practise by whole family (married or unmarried)door to door.So the doubt that yoga philosophy is not meant for a married family member is baseless.
When by virtue of the practice of Ashtang Yoga the stage of total stoppage of Chitta’s activities is achieved,then the aspirants attain the stage of Samadhi(final liberation) In this condition yoga Shashtra Sutra 1/3 states the stage of soul:
”Tada drashtuhu swaroope awasthanam” ie; when the aspirants gets Asampragyat Samadhi (final liberation) then the soul stands in his own and real status .whole ancient religious books like Four Vedas ,Six Shashtras, Upnishads , Geeta etc ;speak the said stage of Samadhi to attain which is only a matter of human life .At this stage of Samadhi only the effect of the three qualities of Prakriti ie; Rajo, Tamo and sato do not effect the soul and the soul thus stands in his own real shape .The orignal status of the soul is immortal having utmost merriment and has got no concern with the worldly afairs which he has forgotten ie;why only the yoga philosophy has been very nicely preached in the Vedas by God himself showing blessings to the human beings to realise the soul his reality.In the Sutra of yoga Shashtra therefore,Patanjali Muni very deeply preaches that if anybody else has attained the Samadhi stage,then the soul acts on the various forms of the Chitta and the soul never thinks about himself. To know the real picture of the soul a beautiful instance is quoted here.
Once King Janaka saw a dream that he was a beggar and hungry.he was wandering heither and theither in search of food for the last two three days.He saw a place where the holy yajana had performed and even everybody had taken the pious food.The food was totally finish. But he saw a piece of chapatti on the ground which he immedietly took and as soon as he was to eat ,a kite jumped on him and flew away with that piece of chapatti . Thus the King could not eat due to the acute hungry stage ,he fell down on the ground unconsciouusly. He immedietely awoke and felt sad on the dream. He called a religious meeting of the Rishi-Muni and asked them that which was true .Whether it was true that I was a King and had plenty of money /food or whether it was true that I was seemed to be beggar and hungry in the dream. No one could reply satisfactory.At last Ashtravakra Muniji came there and told the King Janak that neither it was true that you were a King nor you were a beggar and hungry in the dream ,you were only soul and not body. And soul does not require either your food ,money or any tittle of the word like King etc