Yoga Philosophy ( Lecture 8 )

Yoga Philosophy And Meditation

Yoga Philosophy



Rigveda Mantra 1/164/16 states that nobody except the Rishi/Muni who is a philosopher of Vedas and Yoga education only knows about creation and the creator. Therefore, the Mantra further preaches that our life should be based on such a traditional knowledge where every human being should be educated about the creation in the form of Modern Science/Education together with the spiritual knowledge viz. Worship, adoration ,yoga practice and Yajna etc., based on Veda’s study.

Because it is very clear from the study of four Vedas that the present sects have some particular name with religions like Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian, Jain etc., but Vedas are only religion for humanity.

These are the traditional education adopted by our forefathers/Rishis. This education gave morality, command on senses/organs, love to humanity, God fearing, non-violence ,end of ravages of hatred, nationality including thousands of other good qualities promoting International brotherhood. Thus when we study Vedas, practice Yoga education then only we become able to peep within our SOUL ,and know the true religion far from fundamentalism .Vedas/Shastras/ Upnishad/Geeta etc., the holy books have thrown light for the religion which give peace/ calm/ happiness to the humanity and not the hate/violence etc. The wise, who know Veda’s knowledge is only capable to gain, to know and to realize truth. Uptil now whatever today’s science has invented all those are mentioned in the Vedas. But much more undiscovered matters are still required to be invented lying in the Vedas. For-example in Valmiki Ramayan it is described that Hanumanji used a top class aero plane given by Sugriva to cross the ocean to locate Mata Sita. The plane was caught on radar by Ravan’s Army. This secret still requires invention. In Mahabharta, there is mention of a Brahmastra. If it is used it could destroy total Earth. But when it was used by Acharya Dron’s son Ashwathama on Yudishtra and his brothers for killing them, it had to be turned towards Abhimanyu’s wife Uttara by order of Vyas Muni. Now the BRAHMASHTRA only hitted the pregnancy of Uttara without killing or hurting even her. No science has yet produced such type of missile/arm/weapon. Therefore, we see that the ancient Rishis/Munis were the scientist in reality either in the matter of worldly science or the science of worship/Yoga education, to realize God and both the knowledge they showered on public for their happy long life and building a strong Nation. We must, therefore, not keep aside the ancient path of adopting traditional knowledge of Vedas/Yoga philosophy.


Now it is a matter of sorrow and saint Tulsi Dass has also written it in his Ramayan that now a days everybody has started saying him a Brahm Rishi/Yogi/Saint without knowing the traditional knowledge of Vedas/Yoga. See Ramayan:-
1.Marag so ja kahun joi bhava . Pandit soi jo gaal bajava. 2.Brahm gian binu nari nar karahaen na dusari baat. 3.Kali mal grasey dharam sab lupt bhaye sadagranth. Dambhinah nij mati kalpi kari pragat kiye bahu panth. 4.Duej shruti bechaka bhup prajasan . kou nahien maan nigam anusasan.

The conclusion of the above is that, even worldly science and maths go forward fundamentally on some recognized formula but now a days there is no any rules / regulations/ fundamentals/traditional paths etc., in the matter of worship. The way which suits that is only the way to be accepted quitting the traditional knowledge and fundamentals of Vedas/yoga education. Because now saints have sold Vedas i.e., they do not know about Vedas and preach therein. Secondly he who does not know even ABC about the vedic /yoga philosophy he also talks on not less than Brahm Gian. Study of Vedas reveals that , “Mantra drishta iti Rishi” i.e., who has practised Ashtang Yoga and has seen Ved mantras within his SOUL,he only entitles to be pounced the holy word Rishi and not other. So Rishi is an Ashtang Yogi and he preaches Vedas like Vishwamitra and Vyas Muni etc. This is a tradition. Tulsi Dass ji further says that false saints and unauthenticated false literature on spiritualism has grassed the true traditional/ancient literature .The above quoted Rig Veda Mantra l/164/16 also refers that only a wiser of Vedas knows truth. Thus the authenticated and scientific knowledge of God in Vedas cannot be over sighted, which our ancient Rishi- Munis like Vyas,Vishwamitra, king HarishChandra, Dashratha and Shri Rama, Krishna etc., too respected and adopted the same. They have left behind a tradition to follow up and we have to obey.


Athervaveda mantra 13/4/48,49 very nicely preaches that human beings must learn Vedas and yoga philosophy so that they may be able to be happy in the way of richness, prosperity, ill free life, to do auspicious deeds and to become able to build a strong nation. By the virtue of Vedas / yoga philosophy in the end we also become able to realize God. There is a pray in this mantra that when we attain all the stages then we truly become able to worship. Thus at this stage only God looks, bless and takes care of us. So Yoga philosophy preached in the Vedas is very much essential to gain for a long happy life /realization of God which one is also a main motto of human life. Samadhi Paad’s second sutra of Patanjali Yoga Darshana says :- “Yogaha chitta vritti nirodhaha” meaning :- Yogaha(Yoga)= Samadhi, Chitta = combination of intellect i.e.,budhi, ahankar (Ego) and mana (mind), Vritti= effect of various forms, nirodhaha=stoppage.That is to say stoppage of various forms of Chitta is called Yoga. According to the sutra it is sampragyat samadhi (sampragyat yoga).Because rishi Patanjali has stated here “chitta vritti nirodhaha” which means sampragyat yoga. Because he has not said Total chitta vritti nirodhaha.If the word total could also be used then its meaning could be treated as asampragyat yoga being total stoppage of chitta vritti.In sampragyat yoga we (soul) meditate and also know that he (soul) is meditating. In this situation soul is separate and the goal is separate. But in asampargyat yoga the soul forgets himself and is at that time emerged in God. Chitta gains the effect of worldly happenings through eye, ear, nose, tongue and skin by means of good or bad effects viz. looking , listening ,smell, taste and touch ability. When an aspirant practice ashtang yoga and becomes able to control on effect of worldly happenings on the chitta, it means he has attained the eight and the last path of ashtang yoga i.e., samadhi (yoga). That is why yoga is called samadhi as told earlier and main motto of yoga education to realize God is fulfilled. Now question arises what is chitta where the effect of five senses are endorsed? The body of human being is made of five cells as briefed in Vedas/shastras. Ist Annamaya cell. Anna means food, so our body is preserved only when we eat/drink water. Veda/shastras say that the human body is only meant for doing religious deeds. Second number is Pranamaya cell which means respiration cell i.e., we are alive when we respirator. Third is Manomaya cell which mean thinking cell. Our mind always keeps on thinking of good or bad. Fourth is Vigyanmaya cell which means soul. So we are soul and not body. Soul is alive one and body is non alive. Fifth is Anandamaya cell which is God. When soul by the power of yoga philosophy reaches in this fifth cell he realizes Almighty God and the aspirant is , thus, called a Yogi. Vide Riga Veda mantra mandal l0 sukta129 and Samkhya shashtra sutra l/26 our body is made of matter (prakriti) . Almighty God while creating the universe generates the first universal part of body from prakriti called Mahata (Buddhi). From Mahata God generates Ahankara (Ego) i.e., recognizing power. Then in its series mana (mind) is generated. Vide Yajur Veda Mantra 34/1-3 there are five kinds of mana (mind) due to its different type of functions – Deva mana, Yaksh mana, Pragyan mana, chetas mana and Dhritti mana . Within the five above , the Chetans mana (mind) is called chitta on which the effect of every deed done by us is noted. Yoga practice prevents the effect and aspirants get Samadhi stage (Yoga).