Yoga Philosophy ( Lecture 9 )

Yoga Philosophy And Meditation



Chetas Mana is called Chitta,where the deeds done by us are noted and the time to come in future, the result of deeds(sin or sacred) are to be faced. Rig-Veda Mantra 1/164/20 says that there is a tree on which two alive birds who are friends too,live together.Out of those one eats the ripened fruit of tree where as second does not take ,instead watches all around .It means that human body is like a tree.Tree can be cut,burnt,destroyed etc.Similarly our body is always destroyed.Secondly,in human body the two birds are “SOUL” and “ALMIGHTY GOD”.

God is omnipresent and therefore abides in every SOUL as well as everywhere. So the relationship between God and Soul is like a friend.Thirdly only Soul eats ripened fruit of the tree and not Almighty God. It means we “SOUL” always bears the result of the good or bad deeds in the shape of pleasure and sorrows accordingly and not by Almighty God. Being Omnipresent the God always watches every deed of human being which by His power are automatically printed on the Chitta. Yajur Veda Mantra 40/12 also preaches that God is everywhere. Therefore, we must always follow the Vedas teachings to do instigated deeds too for the self-benefit and for human beings and thus should not do any kind of sin because the God is looking everybody. The five senses manage the Mind to do sins and mind further makes agreed the Soul to follow.


Yoga practice prevents such type of process of conveying the “Vritti” to “Chitta/Mind”.See that the Yoga education is only preached to the aspirant who is capable to understand and the first Sutra of the Samadhi Paad clearly states that there are five stages of Chitta,kshipt(confused) ,vikshipt(perplexed),moodh(fool,ignorant),ekagar(concentrated,undisturbed)and nirudh(total stoppage).First three stages are full of ignorance and worldly desires etc.,and aspirants have been denied to get the preach of Yoga philosophy by the Shashtras .The four stages “Ekagar” (concentrated,undisturbed)i.e.,has crossed the mud of worldly falsehood .In this Ekagar stage of “Chitta” the education of Yoga is preached only,otherwise it will go in vain.So before starting the Yoga philosophy to learn,one should learn basically about Yama and Niyama. There are five Yamas(restraint of passions).


    1. -non-violence means not to harm through mind, voice, action to anybody else just as injury or to loose all enthusiasm but to love each other and live together peacefully.
  • SATYA-truth -from mind, voice and action always speak truth, accept truth and do hard deed to realize truth, never accepts falsehood.
  • ASTEYA-theft -from mind, voice and action never do theft and escape from fraud.
  • BRAHMCHARYA-celibacy/chastity- to control on five organs, five senses and eleventh the Mana.To restraint from indulging in sins and unreligious sexual indulgement etc.
  • APARIGRAH-non acceptance of unnecessarily materialistic articles or not to store the worldly articles beyond necessity.

    Similarly there are five Niyamas.

    SAUCH-Purity to live in neat and clean atmosphere of residence, kitchen, environment etc., to take bath daily and dress/article of the house must be purified. This is outer purification. The inner purification is to think always for auspicious/instigated deeds to leave endless desires to fulfill materialistic comforts jealousy etc., to study Vedas/holy booksand to be connected with wiser for their preach.

  • SANTOSH-Satisfaction whatever we get through hard-working and instigated deeds we must live upon and must be satisfied . In any circumstances of sorrow etc., we must not loose the truth and be satisfied.
  • TAPA-Religious austerity/Penance to bear the consequences in religious path like continuous sitting to listen preach for a long time, to serve Rishi-Muni/Ashram in every season and to bear the obstacles if comes. To listen Vedas/holy books , to do Yajna,to serve and to denote for Rishi-Muni/true Saints, to think always religious matters to control the body and to do auspicious deeds.These are TAPAHA(religious austerity).
  • SWADHAYAYA-Study of religious true holy books like Vedas, Shashtras etc., which inspires towards MOKSH(final liberation) and the silent repetition of a holy Mantra(name of Almighty God).It is also a study for self realization.
  • ISHWAR-PRANIDHAN— Faith on God to do always instigated deeds and to dedicate the result thereof to Almighty God.

    So before starting the Yoga education these ten educations(Yama and Niyama) helps in concentration of mind or fixing it on one point of Yoga philosophy to realise God. It helps to become us an ascetic failing which the Ekagar stage is not obtained and thus all the Yoga education goes in vain.However it does mean that one should leave the family life.Ascetic means only to leave the bad habits/sins etc., which are also not permitted in Vedas/Shashtras .Our ancient Rishi-Munis and even Lord Krishna or Shri Rama were married but by virtue of the study of Vedas and practising Yoga philosophy they all became equivalent to God .Now a days we see that oftenly everyone is after doing only Yoga Aasan(Posture) saying that he is learning and doing Yoga. These people are mostly after the materialistic wave. His mind is not concentrated ,he is perhaps looking after his body only to maintain it well ,keeping aside the main motto of concentration and worshipping adorable God.See that body is always destroyable and how long can it be maintained? The body of Ravana,Dutyodhan and Kansa was well maintained but due to lack of spiritualism it was of no use.On the other hand the well maintained body of Shri Rama ,Krishna,Arjuna,Bhishma and several others served the people by virtue of spiritualism .So we must first appreciate,respect and accept this ancient, Vedic and traditional education right from the beginning i.e., practising Yama and Niyama to destroy the first three worldly/materialistic stages of Chitta viz.,kshipt,vikshipt and moodh briefed above to enable us to concentrate our mind on a Ekagar Vritti.So that we may be able to practise real Yoga philosophy.This will naturally help to live together peacefully and to build a strong Nation because the worship means to progress in Science as well as in Spiritualism together so that we may build a strong Nation—the requirement of the real spiritualism, promoting international brotherhood and peace.