10 Best Wonosobo Vacation Spots to Visit

10 Best Wonosobo Vacation Spots to Visit Telaga Warna
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Wonosobo is a regency located in Central Java, Indonesia. It is situated in the Dieng Plateau, a highland area known for its scenic landscapes and cultural significance. The regency’s administrative center is also named Wonosobo.

The name “Wonosobo” is derived from the Javanese language, where “wono” means “earth” or “soil,” and “sobo” means “muddy.” This name reflects the regency’s location in the highland area surrounded by fertile land.

In addition to the well-known Dieng tourist area, Wonosobo boasts a variety of captivating attractions that are worth exploring.

Here are some suggestions for enchanting destinations to explore in Wonosobo:

1. Kawah Sikidang Dieng

10 Best Wonosobo Vacation Spots to Visit Kawah Sikidang Dieng

A prominent attraction in Wonosobo is the Sikidang crater, nestled on the Dieng Plateau at an elevation of around 2,300 meters above sea level. One of its intriguing features is the emission of poisonous gases like sulfur, carbon dioxide, and hydrogen sulfide through cracks in the ground. Visitors are provided with safe pathways to appreciate the crater’s beauty and unique atmosphere.

How to get Sikidang Dieng Crater:

From Wonosobo, you can take a public minivan (known locally as “angkot”) or a rented vehicle to reach the Dieng Plateau. Once you reach the Dieng Plateau, you’ll need to pay an entrance fee to access the area. Then, you might need to hire a local guide or use local transportation options to reach the Sikidang Dieng Crater.

2. Kebun Teh Tambi:

10 Best Wonosobo Vacation Spots to Visit Kebun Teh Tambi

The Tambi Tea Plantation, situated in Tambi Village, Garung District, presents a captivating blend of natural beauty, verdant tea gardens, and a serene, refreshing ambiance. The expansive tea gardens offer a tranquil setting amid lush greenery.

How to get to Kebun Teh Tambi:

If you are from the city center, head towards Dieng with a distance of about 20 km and a travel time of 30 minutes by vehicle. The route to the location is fairly easy with smooth paved roads that make your trip easier. For more detailed locations, tourists can open google maps.

3. Telaga Warna

10 Best Wonosobo Vacation Spots to Visit Telaga Warna

Telaga Warna, a small lake in Kejajar District, Wonosobo, is renowned for its ever-changing water hues. Depending on the time of day and weather conditions, the lake’s water can shift from blue to green and even red. Entrance to this marvel costs iv very reasonable.

How to get Telaga Warna:

  • By Air

Fly to Yogyakarta Adisucipto International Airport (JOG). Yogyakarta is the nearest major city to Dieng Plateau. You can find flights from major Indonesian cities and some international destinations to Yogyakarta.

  • By Land

From Yogyakarta:

Yogyakarta is about 150 kilometers (93 miles) away from Dieng Plateau. You can hire a private car or take a public bus to reach Dieng Plateau. The journey takes around 4-5 hours, depending on traffic and road conditions.

From Wonosobo:

Wonosobo is the nearest town to Dieng Plateau. From Wonosobo, you can continue your journey by hiring a local transport, such as a minivan or motorbike taxi, to Telaga Warna. The drive from Wonosobo to Telaga Warna takes about 30 minutes.

4. Waduk Wadaslintang

10 Best Wonosobo Vacation Spots to Visit Waduk Wadaslintang

The Wadaslintang Reservoir, an artificial water body bordered by lush hills, serves not only as a scenic spot but also as a crucial water source for agriculture and power generation. Visitors can partake in activities such as boating or simply relaxing by the reservoir’s serene banks. Admission is budget-friendly.

From Yogyakarta:

Take a bus or hire a private vehicle to reach Wonosobo, which is the nearest town to Wadaslintang Reservoir. The journey takes around 4-5 hours, depending on traffic and road conditions.

From Wonosobo:

Once you’re in Wonosobo, you can hire a local transport such as a car or motorbike to reach Wadaslintang Reservoir. The reservoir is about 30 minutes away from Wonosobo.

5. Taman Rekreasi Kalianget:

10 Best Wonosobo Vacation Spots to Visit Taman Rekreasi Kalianget

The Kalianget Recreation Park is a family-friendly hot spring destination, featuring a range of amenities including a food court, playground, cold and warm pools, gazebos, and more. It’s located in Kalianget Village and offers a rejuvenating experience for all ages.

How to get to Kalianget Recreation Park:

If you start from Alun – Alun Wonosobo, the route to Kalianget Recreation Park is to head to Jl. Merdeka then continue on Jl. Prince Diponegoro turn left to arrive at the location you want to go to.

6. Lubang Sewu

10 Best Wonosobo Vacation Spots to Visit Lubang Sewu

Sewu Hole Nature Tourism is a captivating choice for leisure in Wonosobo. During the dry season, when the Wadaslintang dam recedes, the area’s distinctive rock formations with numerous holes become a focal point. Located in Erorejo Village, this site offers breathtaking vistas.

How to get to Sewu Hole:

From downtown Wonosobo, then go to Jl. Merdeka finally arrived at Jl. Ajibarang Secang. Then turn left onto Jl. Selomerto-Madukarta. Continue the journey until you reach Jl. Raya Wadaslintang, then turn right onto Jl. Kempel Village. From there the road is not so wide, but still passable by car.

7. Kompleks Candi Arjuna


Nestled within the Dieng Plateau, the Arjuna Temple Complex draws visitors with its historical and cultural significance. During the Dieng Culture Festival, the complex bustles with activity, particularly during the dreadlock-cutting ceremony for local children. The surroundings offer splendid natural panoramas.

How to get Arjuna Temple Complex:

Public Transportation:

If you depart from Wonosobo, look for public transportation to the bus terminal. Arrive at the terminal, take the bus that goes to Mendolo Dieng. Tell the driver to get off at the tourist spot of Arjuna Temple.

Private Vehicle:

From the Dieng junction, turn right, continue straight for approximately 500 meters. After finding a gas station, you will find a T-junction. Turn left and about 50 meters, you will arrive at the Arjuna Temple complex.

8. Curug Winong:

10 Best Wonosobo Vacation Spots to Visit Curug Winong

The impressive Curug Winong waterfall, with a height of around 100 meters, is characterized by its towering cliffs and the presence of large stones in its vicinity. The journey to the waterfall is a picturesque one, featuring lush forests, pine trees, and winding uphill paths. The distance from Wonosobo City Center is approximately 24 km.

How to get to Curug Winong:

If departing from around Wonosobo Square, go to Jl. Merdeka, then turn right onto Jl. Pestle belt. Turn right again to arrive at Jl. Kyai Muntang and turn left onto Jl. Ajibarang Secang. The access road to Curug Winong is getting smaller and smaller, so you should only use a motorbike.

9. Curug Sikarim

10 Best Wonosobo Vacation Spots to Visit Curug Sikarim

Sikarim Waterfall, known for its impressive height of roughly 125 meters, stands out as one of Java’s tallest waterfalls. Its awe-inspiring cascades make for a truly memorable visit.

How to get to Sikarim Waterfall:

You can choose the closest route from the Dieng Plateau area. It only takes about 15 minutes from the Dieng tourist taxi post to Sembungan Village. Even though there is no signpost directing you to this waterfall tour, you don’t need to worry, because there is only one one-way route with an incline that leads to the location of the waterfall.

10. Serayu Rafting

10 Best Wonosobo Vacation Spots to Visit Serayu Rafting

For those seeking an exhilarating escapade in Wonosobo, look no further than Serayu Rafting, also referred to as Jujugan Serayu. Prepare yourself for a heart-pounding adventure as you navigate the captivating Serayu River, surrounded by breathtaking natural vistas. This endeavor guarantees an adrenaline surge like no other.

How to get to Serayu Rafting:

Serayu Rafting’s precise location rests along Jl Banjarnegara Km 15, in the charming Randegan Village of Sigaluh District, Banjarnegara. Situated in close proximity to Wonosobo, it promises a unique and unforgettable experience.

Are you ready to have a vacation to the above recommended spots in Wonosobo? Share what you think in the comments section below.