5 Meditation Podcasts For Those Who Have Trouble Sleeping

5 Meditation Podcasts For Those Who Have Trouble Sleeping

With all the busy lives we are living, stress, chores and work, it’s no wonder that many of us have trouble sleeping. Your mind wanders and worries from point A to point B and before you know it, it’s almost midnight and you haven’t slept a wink. Less sleep and insomnia is something that follows a modern lifestyle, so much that there are meditation podcasts designed to help people sleep.

Here are meditation podcasts to help you sleep:

The Mindful Minute

If you are a meditation beginner, then we recommend podcasts by yogi Meryl Arnett. Each episode is 30 minutes, with aim at demystifying meditation while also talking to other experts about why it can help. Another thing that makes it perfect is that it focuses on all aspects of modern life, from work to the pursuit of authenticity. Due to the business of modern life, Arnett’s Mini Meditations series aim to be self-contained sessions for people who have no time. These sessions can be a good starting point to ease you into sleep, as they’re a little shorter at around 18 minutes.

Meditation Oasis

While The Mindful Minute focuses on aspects of a modern life, Meditation oasis focuses on all aspects of sleep issues, from difficulty dozing in the first place to 2 a.m. wake-ups when you can’t get back to sleep. These podcasts make an effort to lull you back into the world of sleep with guided meditations, music, and deep breathing. It’s available on iTunes or via the Meditation Oasis app on Google Play, iTunes or Amazon.


Meditation Minis

For short meditation sessions that have variety, then start listening to The Meditation Minis by host Chel Hamilton who is a hypnotherapist. She aims at producing short, simple guided meditations for all kinds of challenges. What separates this guided meditation podcasts from others is that it might guide you through a garden or even through a grounding exercise. Not only that, but the duration also varies, from some that are as short as five and maxing out at 20 minutes. As you hope to sleep at night, there’s a special category of evening minis, to help you get into the mood for snoozing. You can get them at Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, or Spotify.

Mindful Meditations by Mindful Meditations

Another podcast that varies on its meditation methods is Mindful Meditations by Mindful.org. Beginners and advanced meditation practitioners can join in the fun, for the magazine talks about everything mindful. The Mindful Meditations, available on Spotify, has a wide range of calming meditations. You can choose ones designed to help you sleep, but that is not all as you pick what might calm you that particular evening, such as breathing meditations or talks about loving kindness.

Guided Sleep Meditations by Tracks to Relax

Guided Sleep Meditations by Tracks to Relax target every angle of sleep meditation. Practitioners can enjoy a variety of different scenarios. It can be a narrated journey somewhere soothing in nature, a guide through breathing techniques and full-body relaxation or even a low voice reading you a childhood classic. Each session lasting around 20 minutes. You can find these sessions on Spotify and Apple Podcasts, or find free ones on Amazon’s Alexa.

Which meditation podcast intrigues you the most? Is there any other meditation podcasts you listen to? Tell us in the comment section below!