The A through S of stress relief


As much as we might like to believe it, no one lives a stress-free life. It’s just that same are better at handing it than others. What are their secrets?

We don’t know them all, but we can take you as far as letter S:

A – Adopt a positive attitude toward the past. Mistakes happen, and your attitude is the only thing about the pest you can change.
B – Break from the routine. There’s a reason why they call it “the grind”..
C – Control the phone. The phone can the be an empowering tool or a nuisance that interrupts every thought. Consider using an answering machine when you don’t want to talk.
D – Decaffeinate. Each cup of coffee cranks you up to fully experience stress.
E – Exercise. It’s documented to relieve stress and help prevent depression.
F – Find new friends – and keep the old. When you’re not the center of your life, stress won’t be either.
G – Get a checkup. The stress you feel about seeing the doctor can be relieved only by going to him.
H – Have a schedule. Plan your work, your play and your relaxation, so you’ll be sure to find time for all three.
I – Improve your communication skills. Learn to say what you think and to really listen when others speak. Communication relieves stress.
J – Just say no when it’s appropriate. If you’re the kind who always says yes, learn when it’s time to decline.
K – keep a smile on your face. Research has shown that a smile – even if it’s pasted on – starts you on the way to being happy.
L – Learn new skills. The antidote to worry about losing your job is to make yourself all the more valuable.
M – Manage your weight. Stress can lead to overweight, and being overweight is stressful. Don’t eat for relief.
N – Negotiate your work environment. Stress can come from noise, an uncomfortable chair or poor lighting. Ask for improvements.
O – Operate openly. If you get angry, say so
P – Pet your pet. Sometimes we need a nonjudgmental friend.
Q – Quit the booze. The stress relief is only temporary, and temper control suffers.
R – Relax. Meditation techniques are proven stress relievers.
S – Seek spirituality. Whatever your preference, a spiritual community provides understanding, forgiveness and hope.

We are confident that you can fill out the rest of the alphabet. And by the time you get there, we bet you’ll wonder where the stress went!

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