5 Things you should STOP doing if you have Acne


Although acne appears mainly because of your genes, living in a tropical country like Indonesia makes our skin more prone to acne. The humid weather will make us excrete sweat more, as well as producing more sebum (oil) on our skin. All is topped with our hectic activities every day, which make our skin condition is even worse.

The best way to take care of acne is by talking with your dermatologists and get best skin care products and treatments that will help us to get rid of our skin problems. However, there are things that you should stop doing to prevent and cure your acne.

Stop picking at your skin

This is probably the hardest thing to stop doing. Admit it, you love the feeling when you’re rubbing the bumps of your acne, right? And you’ll eventually want to pop it to make it go away. It’s important to remember that our hands are full of germs, and touching our skin problem will transfer the germs onto our skin. Besides, forcefully pinching and squeezing the acne will leave terrible acne scars. So, as hard as it may be, fight the urge to pick your skin.

Stop over cleansing

Is your skin care routine full of abrasive exfoliating pads, harsh scrubs, and tons of cleansing steps? While it might leave the feeling of ‘squeaky clean’ on our face, constantly using abrasive scrubs actually can do more harm than good. Vigorous scrubbing can irritate the skin, trigger inflammation and tear the tops off your pimples. So, when your skin looks red and stings after cleansing, it is the sign that you’re cleansing too hard.

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Stop overusing toner

Any astringents products can actually disrupt the skin barrier and cause inflammation and irritation. Unless you have very oily skin, skip this step from your skincare routine. Toner has tendency to dry out your skin, and when your skin is too dry, it produces more oil which is also not good for your skin.

Stop skipping on your moisturizer

Even if you have a super oily skin, and you want to dry out those acnes, never ever skip your moisturizer. Acne treatments will dry out skin in addition to pimples, and your skin needs its hydration. Try oil-free moisturizers that will feel lighter and won’t clog pores.

Stop changing your beauty regiment

With the abundance of new skincare products out there, and with positive reviews about them, it is hard to fight the urge to buy and try them. However, we need to remember that not all products suit our skin. It is probably good for her, but not for you. Find the best products that really work on your skin (and probably are recommended by your dermatologist), and stick to them. It probably won’t work overnight, but your consistency in using the products and keeping your healthy lifestyle will result in a better skin condition.