5 Traditional Indonesian Snacks to Try


Indonesia is not only rich in natural beauty but is also famous for its delicious and varied traditional snacks. The richness of culture makes this country have an abundance of culinary variety with delicious flavor famous all over the world.

Here are the 5 most well-known traditional Indonesian snacks that are easy to find:

Kue lumpur

This snack is one of the traditional Indonesian snacks that you can find in traditional markets to modern shopping centers. Itโ€™s made of coconut milk, potatoes, wheat flour and eggs. As a flavor enhancer, sellers added vanilla to the mix and raisin topping on top. Its chewy, soft texture and sweet taste make it the right dish to accompany drinking tea while hanging out with friends.


The perfect combination of savory, sweet and salty flavors in this snack makes it a favorite of many people. Made from glutinous rice flour dough sprinkled with sesame, the inside is filled with green bean paste. There is also a version that uses wheat flour with a color on the surface. You can find onde onde in various sizes and textures. This snack is more delicious if you eat it while it is still warm.

Surabi or Serabi

There are many types of serabi or surabi that are known in Indonesia. Some are sweet and some are salty. This snack made from a mixture of rice flour and coconut milk is baked using a small concave iron skillet over charcoal or coals. The bottom that is in direct contact with the fire will have a crunchy texture, while the top will be white. Salty serabi is usually thicker and served with grated coconut, while sweet serabi is made smaller and served with kinca sauce (sauce based off coconut milk and brown sugar). While the Serabi Solo is usually made thinner with various sweet toppings such as bananas, cheese, and chocolate.


This traditional snack is already widely served in top restaurants and cafes as a high-tea companion. Even in star hotels, you can find this snack. It is round in shape with a chewy texture, sprinkled with grated coconut and filled with liquid palm sugar. The explosion of sweetness will fill your mouth when you bite and crush it, dubbing it the volcano of Indonesia.

Kue cucur

Judging it based on how it looks, this cake does not look tempting or have a beautiful shape. But make no mistake, once you take a bite, you definitely donโ€™t want to stop eating it. At first glance it looks like an overripe pancake with a dark brown color. But when held, this snack feels chewy with a soft and hollow inside. The sweetness is just right, not too sweet that it makes you want to eat it again. In some areas, this cake is served to celebrate something.

Which snack seems the most delectable? Have you tried any? Share your experience in the comments section below!