6 Places you #MustVisit in East Kalimantan


East Kalimantan is famous for its nature reserves, green areas and pristine waters. Here, you can experience anything from beaches to lakes. Their nature destinations are particularly recommended, for it’s still very pristine. Yet there are also several modern destinations where people can enjoy themselves for taking pictures or simply relaxing to basking in the atmosphere.

Here are the places you must visit while in East Kalimantan:

Mahakam Lampion Garden 


In Kalimantan, you have a special way of celebrating nightfall and sunsets. The best way to do this is by visiting the Mahakam Lantern Garden, Samarinda. This lantern park is located right on the edge of the Mahakam River, so it is easy to reach and the view is also impressive. Those who love selfies can revel at the lampshades in the park for it provides various forms of lanterns, ranging from animal shapes, trees to miniature world-famous landmarks, will also take you to a completely different world.

Tanjung Harapan Beach


Pantai tanjung Harapan is most notably known as ‘Tanah Merah’ Beach due to the presence of red soil there, where lush trees grow. That is not the only feature it has, for visitors have the opportunity to picnic or camp at these large, cool spaces thanks to the lush trees that grow there.  There are also plenty of opportunities to take pictures, mainly during sunsets and among the trees.

Goa Haji Mangku


Caves may be a feature in some areas, but the Goa Haji Mangku is especially different. Although it’s called a cave, it is more accurately called a lake because of what is inside it. Underwater diving is something that is highly recommended, for the color of the water in the cave is turquoise in color. With some light shining above it and a bottomless abyss of water, the Goa Haji Mangu looks more inviting for you to plunge in.

Pulau Kakaban


Kakaban islands is the exact place to be when you want to go underwater and see amazing sea creatures. Located in the Derawan Archipelago, there are many things that you can witness here. First, is the lake in the middle of an island itself-which is something that you do not see often. Second, is the golden jellyfish present in the lake, which you can meet while snorkeling in the lake. These jellyfish are stingless due to hundred years of evolution. Jellyfishes are not all you can see here, as you can see barracuda, white tip shark, black tip to hammer shark on rare occasions.

Pulau Derawan 


Another famous beach to visit while travelling to Kalimantan is the Derawan islands, which is synonymous with quiet waves, white sand and coconut trees in the wind.

But it’s beauty is not limited to the view, but extends underwater in Labuan Cermin. One of the things that makes it famous is the crystal clear waters, which makes it possible for you to enjoy the underwater scenery even from above or by snorkeling. Another thing that makes is special is the marine ecosystem which you can witness its vastness through diving.

Bukit Bangkirai 


If you want the sensation of walking through a tropical rain forest, just stop by Bangkirai Hill. This hill also has a high canopy bridge that is worth a visit. It’s a 30-meter high canopy bridge above ground with a length of 64 meters. From the bridge, you can see the forest with green trees. But if you are lucky, you will be able to see wild animals such as monkeys, deers or even orangutans. Anyone who likes photography should visit this place, for there are plenty which you can take pictures of.

Those who are fans of nature destinations will definitely not regret visiting East Kalimantan. The pristine nature, along with modernity that is starting to appear there means that many instagrammable places are starting to appear, making this a joy for everyone who likes to take pictures.

Which places seems to be the most interesting for you to explore? Share your opinion in the comments section!