6 Plants for Good Feng Shui


Aside from furniture, colour and layout, plants are also one of the crucial aspects in feng shui. Having the wrong plant in the wrong area of your home could result in catastrophe and imbalance of energy at home. For that reason, you need to have plants that can clear the air and could bring positive energy into your home.

Here are the plants that would help the feng shui at your home:

Jade plant

The Crassula Ovata (or known as the Jade Plant) is most notable for bringing wealth in feng shui due to the shape of its leaves that resemble coins. The jade plant is another plant commonly known as a money symbolizes good fortune. These plants are relatively hardy succulents, so they may be a better choice for those challenged at keeping plants alive. Place as many as you can in your home, but you can also put it into the money, health, or fame areas of the home. You can also place them in an office space to invite success and fortune.

Lucky Bamboo

Lucky bamboo is considered to be one of the plants that brings positive feng shui energy within a home. This is because the bamboo can bring harmony among the feng shui elements of water, fire, earth, wood and metal. The number of stalks also determine the energy at your home; five stalks represent academic achievement and creativity (if placed in your creativity area); place seven stalks in your seven stalks in your health and family area; place eight stalks in your wealth area, and nine stalks for overall luck.

Money Tree

Money Tree or known as Pachira aquatic are most notable for bringing in good luck, especially during a big milestone such as opening up a new business. This tall tree with a braided stem brings its owner fortune when placed in the areas for money, health, or fame. On the other hand, it is considered to be unlucky if placed into the self, spirituality, knowledge, marriage and relationships.

Orange Tree

Another tree that will bring luck and abundance to your home is the orange tree. Whether grown in an indoor patio, on a balcony or outdoors, it will bring abundance into your home. It will especially become more useful if placed in your wealth or health areas. The kitchen is also another place in which the orange tree will bring in more good fortune.


In order to attract romance into your life, peonies are the most popular flowers by choice. The beautiful flower is round in shape and looks lovely in colour varieties of pinks and reds. It can be planted outdoors, taking three to four years to bloom after planting it. Typically, peonies bloom in late spring but can bloom every year when it is already well established. It can also live for around 100 years. Yet this flower is not recommended in an older coupleโ€™s bedroom, for blooming peonies symbolize the female beauty and is believed to bring an affair with a younger woman.


Other than peonies, orchids are another flower to consider when you want to attract love into your life. Bringing in lovely colour and serenity to any space, love that is brought by this tree is said to help improve any relationship at home. Because orchids promote peace, it is also especially beneficial in the bedroom. You can place it in the relationship area of the home or in the relationship corner of the bedroom for best results.

Special Notes:

Save for the plants mentioned above, itโ€™s best to avoid sha qi or sharp energy that exists in sharp points. This is when attacking energy directed at your body will drain you of your personal energy. For that reason, it is best to avoid spiky plants, such as aย cactus.

Draining energy also exists in dying and neglected plants. Therefore, you have to make sure that the plants you bring in your space are in the right environment to live and flourish. However if only a partial of the plant is dead, promptly remove the dying parts so that the rest of the plant will bring energy to your home.

You might think that the fake versions of the plants may be enough to bring you positive energy, but the rules are a bit tricky to pull off. This is because the fake plants must be high quality to receive any benefits. It should look so realistic that it must be touched to confirm that it is fake.

Do you have any of the plants mentioned above? Have you experienced the benefits of having said plants? Share your experience in the comments section below!