6 Tips to Choose the Perfect Pet-Sitting Service

6 Tips to Choose the Perfect Pet-Sitting Service

Going on a vacation but don’t know where to leave your pet? We would recommend a pet sitting service, where you can get your dog to stay for several days. Your dog will be taken care of while you enjoy your vacation! However, choosing the right pet sitting service needs proper research in order for your pet to be safe and healthy while you are gone.

Here are some tips to choose the perfect pet-sitting service:

Prepare a questionnaire

Even after references, you can check out other locations where pet sitters are said to provide quality care for your pets. Some of the questions you can ask would be about their background, their business and their staff. Make sure that you meet everyone who is going to handle your pet.

Ask for References

References are some of the easiest ways to get a commendable pet sitter services. This way you don’t have to doubt the quality of pet sitter as others have tried it! Ask a number of your friends for recommendations, as they may know just the pet sitter you need. Or else, you can ask the person who knows your pet’s health the most: your pet’s vet. This one is especially commendable, since old or special needs pets may need special care compared to regular pets.

Don’t Book Last Minute

Booking last minute will only cause you more unnecessary stress while heading towards your vacation. For that reason, you should prepare everything beforehand. Spare yourself the stress by giving yourself about 1 month in order to be completely sure of your sitter. Preparing everything beforehand ensures that everything is smooth sailing and your pet will not have any difficulties due to lack of preparation.

Location Survey

Not only are the service and meeting the people important, but the overall quality for your pet is also important. Some of the things you should mind when heading to the locations is where your pet will be kept. Some of the areas that you can try to see are the cages, the hygiene, sanitation, food sources as well as the water given.


Being far away from your pet, you would not be able to get them to your vet if something were to happen. Before any medical emergencies happen, it would be wiser to prepare beforehand. Before leaving your pet to the sitter, make sure that your pet is healthy and has been vaccinated (preferably a few weeks before giving them away to the sitter). Prepare all of the health requirements such as the medicine they need, flea medicine, worm medicine and whichever medicine that your pet needs.

Prepare All of Your Pet’s Equipment

In some cases, your pet will suffer if they need to adjust to new equipment from their pet sitter. Spare them the confusion by prepare your pet’s equipment from their leash, food bowl, place where they drink to food that they eat. This similarity will remind them of home, rather than a new place where they are placed for a certain duration of time. For special circumstances or requirements, please make sure that you are giving full written instructions.

For pet owners, pet sitting is definitely something that needs to be considered. It is not all the time that you will be around to take care of them. Which is why choosing the right pet hotel or pet sitting service will be beneficial both for you and your pet.

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