7 Health Effects of Prolonged Headset Use


Listening to our favorite tracks with headsets makes the music sound clearer and so we tend to use it for hours. In fact, using headsets for a prolonged period of time can lead to health problems.

The following are the 7 harmful effects of wearing headset for long hours:

1. Dizziness

All You Need to Know about MigraineLoud noise from headsets increase pressure in the ear canal, resulting in headaches, and even vertigo. Vertigo is a medical condition with feelings of dizziness, which can occur anywhere and anytime. Wearing headphones for too long can also make migraines worse for someone who already has migraines.

2. Ear Infections

ear-infectionIn ear headsets or earphones with buds placed directly into the ear canal will block airflow. This blocked airflow can cause ear infections. Wearing headsets can also increase the growth of bacteria. Therefore, we should think twice about sharing our headphones. Our ears are vulnerable cavities, protected by earwax. So, it’s no surprise that bacteria, yeast, and germs are trapped by this earwax.

3. Tinnitus (Ringing in Ears)

source: rsumanuaba.com

Using headsets inappropriately can definitely increase the chances of noise-induced hearing loss, which in turn can increase the likelihood of developing tinnitus. People, especially youth, tend to listen at high volumes for extended periods of time. This can and often does cause hearing loss, which in turn can cause tinnitus.

4. Impaired Sound Transmission to The Brain

source: nih.gov

One of the cells inside the ear has a tiny hair-like structure. These hair cells transmit sound from the ear to the brain. Loud or direct sound from headsets that enters the ear can cause permanent damage to these cells. This damage affects the process of transmitting sound to the brain, resulting in hearing loss.

5. Too Much Earwax

This happens because earphones stop wax from flowing out of the ear canal naturally. In addition, the headset works like cotton swabs and can push earwax deeper into the ear canal. If earwax has accumulated, you may experience other conditions, such as tinnitus, difficulty hearing, ear pain, and ear infections.

6. Skin Infection

source: self.com

Using headsets that is too long not only causes ear infections, but also skin infections. Wearing headsets while exercising allows thousands of bacteria from the sweaty body to multiply. The excess oil from inside the ear also starts to build up and creates a place for bacteria that cause ear pimples.

7. Sudden Deafness

sudden-deafnessSudden hearing loss (sometimes called sudden deafness) occurs when we experience an accelerated loss of hearing. Wearing a headset at high volume for most of the time can temporarily numb our ears. Research says that it is a sudden deafness that can return to normal. However, sudden deafness can be dangerous and can lead to permanent deafness. Therefore, try not to use the headset for four hours straight.

Headphone Safety Tips for Preserving Our Hearing:

1. Adjust the volume and duration

Adjust the headset volume no louder than 70%. Listen at 60% volume for 60 minutes, then take a break for 30 minutes or more to restore your ears and hearing.

2. Choose headsets over earphones

Earphones can produce louder volumes of up to 9 decibels than headsets. Choose a good headset that best suits our ear comfort.

3. Wear headphones that can filter out noise

It’s better to use headsets that can filter out noise from the surrounding environment rather than turning up the volume to hear clearly.

4. Use a bone conduction headset in a noisy place

With this tool, we can listen to music and stay aware of everything around us. If wearing headsets when walking, cycling, or driving is absolutely necessary, wear the headsets on one ear only.

5. Clean the headset regularly

Use a cotton ball moistened with rubbing alcohol and wipe off any remaining dirt. Clean the headset once a week, especially after the headsets have been exposed to sweat or used by someone else.

Do you often listen to music with headsets? How long do you usually wear the headsets? Share your experience in the comments section below.