9 #HowTo Tips to Become Insta-Famous

9 #HowTo Tips to Become Insta-Famous

Instagram has become one of the most famous social media site in the world. People who have acquired millions of followers are online celebrities. They receive many perks like fame, the chance to earn a lot of money and get sponsored by famous brands. Managing an Instagram account has become more like a business, therefore several tips and tricks are needed to keep your followers interested.

Here are 9 tips to become insta-famous:

Find your Niche

Without realizing, our Instagram can have a myriad of pictures related to different topics. This could confuse your followers, as your niche is not defined. Try to only post a select number of pictures that follow a certain topic and watch as your account will be followed by people interested in that particular niche.

Make Use of Hashtags

Hashtags can be one of your most effective tool to gain traction to your Instagram. This allows your potential followers to see your posts that are specified to their interests. A trick that you can do is using unique hashtags, as that could help create conversations. Use apps like ‘TagsforLikes‘ or ‘Hashtag Generator‘ to find the most popular hashtags for your post.

Keep a schedule

We may think that posting once a day on a regular basis is not enough to generate followers, but that is not the case. A study by Union Metrics has found that posting once daily does not slow engagement at all, so it is perfectly alright if this is the pace that you are planning for your account. Try to keep the pace of your postings so your followers will be able to keep up with you.

Take good photos

Taking good pictures are extremely crucial for those who want to ace their Instagram account. Other than niche, it is one of the important aspects that will attract followers. Post only the best pictures, even if you have to use the DSLR and edit your pictures using Photoshop. Iphone users can use supporting phone apps like Camera+ for editing and snapping, or Pro HDR for beautiful contrasting pictures.

Interact with your Potential Followers

Instagram is mainly a place to socialize and bond with people. Take advantage of this feature and socialize as much as you can with potential followers. Liking and commenting other user’s posts will likely get your posts treated the same. If they like your posts, you might gain a follower in the process.

Look for Inspiration

The large variety of insta-celebs today offers you a lot of opportunities. You will be able to compare your Instagram accounts and find out what inspires you the most. It is also the chance to figure out techniques to up your Instagram game.

Share Image Quotes

Unlike just posting images, quotes have the ability to inspire and motivate your followers. Valuable quotes will touch the hearts of people and have a high chance of being shared by your followers. Note that your Instagram aims to connect more to followers, so try to post what they care about. The message will be spread around easier and you will be able to engage with them more effectively.

Use tools to optimize your posts

One cannot operate a fabulous Instagram account without the appropriate tools. It can give you the best feedback and support you on your journey to become an Instagram celebrity. The app, Iconosquare (previously called Statigram) can give you valuable information on your Instagram including: most liked and commented on pictures, which filters get the most response from your followers, the optimal posting frequency, the best days and times to post and interesting stats about your followers.

Experiment and Create A Flow

As with any new venture, you will have to experiment on what works for you and what doesn’t. The journey may be a long and arduous one, but you will be able to gain a lot of valuable feedback and your Instagram will start to develop.

You can start by challenging yourself to try new things-whether it’s the way you post, when you post, the types of posts or how often you post. Experiment with video content and see what works for you.

Inspiration can also be an ideal place to learn, as you will be able to see new things that are working for others. It’s not the case of copying someone else’s posts but learning from their success and failure to implement them on your account. Experimenting is crucial, as trends in social media move so fast that you will be left behind if you can’t keep up.

Even if it is just a social media where people are just supposed to socialize, Instagram accounts with millions of followers have successfully earned money with the publicity from their accounts. By following the above tips, you will also be able to gain more followers and realize your dream to become more insta-famous.

What tip do you think was the most helpful? What other tricks have you tried on Instagram? Tell us in the comments below!