Indoindians Weekly Newsletter: Happy Dusshera

The toughest battle one ever fights in life is the battle within the self and Dusshera celebrates this victory of good over evil, of knowledge over ignorance. Did you know that Ravan’s ten heads represents ten bad qualities of: Lust, Anger, Attachment, Greed, Pride, Jealousy, Selfishness, Injustice, Cruelty and, Ego?
Wishing you and your family happiness and prosperity. Happy Vijaya Dashami!

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Our newsletter in addition to lots of interesting articles, also features media reports on Miss & Mrs Internations and the Indoindians Art workshop held last week.

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On the 12th October 2018, the IndoIndians artists group attended the ‘Art Evaluation & Pricing Workshop’ with ceramic artist Arti Gidwani and art consultant & curator Deborah Iskandar.

Founder and Principal of ISA Art Advisory, Deborah Iskandar brings more than 20 years experience in art consultation and management expertise, previously heading both Sotheby’s and Christie’s Indonesia during her career before establishing ISA Art Advisory in 2013.
Arti Gidwani is a successful sculptor and clay jeweler maker with a penchant for the unusual and innovative.

Arti Gidwani and Deborah Iskandar

Based on her experience, Deborah explained the motivation for art collecting  and the two reasons: the car principle or the couch principle. For an art collector, the couch principle is a must. As soon as there is a couch in the house, then it is necessary that an artwork be hung above it so that it would not look too empty. The car principle is something different, in which she explains the benefits of buying artwork. Many people would not hesitate to buy expensive cars which would clearly depreciate, rather than increase in value over the years. Art pieces, on the other hand are far different as it can be an investment. The value of an art piece can stay the same or even increase in value.

Developing an Artistic Taste & Style

Previously an investment banker, Deborah found her passion in the art world and began to take steps towards it. Her advice “The key to developing an artistic taste is going out and finding more about art. That way, you will be able to discern the quality. You may think a painting is unique, but it might not be. You have to have references why an artwork is nice or worthwhile”.

Road to Being an Artist

‘The Couch Principle’, one of Sinta Tantra’s work for the viewing pleasure of the guests.

The road to becoming an artist is a long and arduous road. In their 20s to 30s, artists will be trying out different styles. After these years, they would probably start to have one or two exhibitions under your belt. They could then start to develop their own style, after 10 years of practice. Success would usually happen when they are aged 38-42.

Not only experience is needed to create a career in the art world as there are many things involved. “The key to being an artists is to develop your own style. An example is looking at a certain painting. When I look at a painting, I have to know immediately that it is your own work. It is a signature style that no one else has…However, it’s not just the execution. It’s also about the idea around the painting. You have to have an theory, and story to why you drew this painting. You have to have a story behind it. What compels you to create this artwork?”

A word of caution thrown in, “But when you do find a style, be careful about staying within the box. Because if you are consistent with your style for 40 years, then people will lose interest as you haven’t developed. Whether its theories, ideas or styles, you always have to keep changing.”

As many have known, creating an original art piece that is true to your style is something that is very difficult. Arti Gidwani added, “I don’t think there is anything original anymore. Everything has already been done. It’s how you take an idea and interpret it into your own. There are many different works that are similar, but you would know the difference when seeing an art piece by a certain artist. There is inspiration and there is copying. So get inspired.” Originality becomes something more difficult, especially with the emergence of the internet, where everything in history has been recorded.

Arti Gidwani offering her experience as a ceramic artist.

She further added, “Everything has been said and done. For example, words. Whatever you say, whatever idea- it has already been said before. The solution is to try to make the medium your own. You can look at different art pieces and take inspiration, but you will have to do it so that you will be able to show the abilities that you have. A strong mentality is also needed to become an artists, “when you want to be an artist, you have to be ready for constructive criticism. You should not be phased by statements like ‘this is not worth it’ or ‘this is not good’. Do not listen to that”.

Starting in the Art World

“For those who want to improve themselves artistically, then taking classes will be the way to go. Don’t just limit yourself to art classes-go to workshops, find art teachers that would help you. Try fully immersing yourself in the art world. Naturally, you will find people that share your taste and your style”, Deborah suggested.

As a ceramic artist, Arti shared her experiences. On her first exhibition, she invited a couple of friends to her show, each Ganesha priced at Rp 200, 000. Despite paying for the materials and the show with the sales of her art, all of her pieces sold out. It was from then on that she was able to adjust her prices. For new artists, Deborah also advises. “If you are a new artist, I would recommend you to sell it cheap. Because if all your pieces sold out, then people would think, ‘oh it sold out. It must be a good show.’ Next time, you can increase the prices by 10%. Maybe, you can even price it based on the materials cost.”

Deciding Prices

Another tip to deciding prices, in Deborah’s perspective, is to visit a friend’s exhibition. Look at the pieces that sell, then you will be able to accurately gauge the prices and sell your art pieces at that level. This is a much more accurate way of doing it, rather than going to famous and prestigious art galleries which will have sky-high pricing.

After a very interactive q&a session,  some of the artists showed their artworks to Deborah for her suggestions on pricing and advice to further grow artistically and taking the right directions to fulfill their goals.

Arati Joshi and Deborah assessing the painting price of a fellow artist.

The session was followed by coffee and snacks over informal conversation. Overall a fun and productive workshop for all.

5K Run for a Cause on Sun, 21st Oct: Help & Support Palu

Dear Friends, put on a white t-shirt and join IndiaClub Jakarta’s 5K #FunRun/walk on Sunday, 21st Oct to help the victims of #Palu.
We would so love for you to come & join us at 6am at FX. Registration fee is Rp 100,000/person. If you can’t join donations gladly received. You can transfer to Acct- India Club Jakarta BCA 6070 359 063. Donate generously and show support.

More details: Ibu Anas +6221-30015666

Indonesia is one of the largest producers of coffee in the world, as it has the ideal geography near the equator, creating good micro-climate for the growth and production of coffee. Indonesia is also the producer of famous “Kopi Luwak”,  one of the most expensive coffees.

While living in Indonesia, it’s best to taste the authentic local coffee from all over Indonesia. Many cafes and coffee shops in Jakarta serve various kinds of coffee in a cozy and comfortable atmosphere. These places are perfect for not just tasting the authentic coffee from Indonesia but also provide the perfect spot to relax with friends and also catch up on your work. Let’s forget international brand coffee shops for a while and visit the best coffee places in Jakarta:

Anomali Coffee

Anomali Coffee is on the forefront of promoting Indonesian single origin coffee beans to coffee drinkers. Anomali Coffee roasts their organic Aceh Gayo, Bali Kintamani, Flores Bajawa, Papua Wamena, Luwak, and other premium beans in-house and brews them with sophisticated espresso machines. They  also serve a wide range of pastries and snacks to accompany your favorite coffee. All the branches are equipped with comfy seating, free WiFi, and nice ambiance (with the warm and delicious coffee aroma). If you want to be a barista or just want to know more about coffee and brewing, you can get advanced espresso training at their Senopati branch.


  • Senopati (Café & Training Center)
    Jalan Senopati No 19 Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta
    Phone +62-2152920102
  • Kemang
    Jalan Kemang Raya No 72 Unit G, South Jakarta
    Phone +62-217194742
  • Setiabudi One
    Jalan HR Rasuna Said Kav 62 Setiabudi, South Jakarta
    Phone +62-215229228
  • Menteng
    Jalan Teuku Cik Ditiro No 52 Menteng, Central Jakarta
    Phone +62-213106370



Tanamera Coffee was established to support Indonesian Arabica coffee as a freshly roasted specialty coffee in this café. It offers a wide range of coffee selections from all over Indonesia—all are freshly brewed by the talented baristas. The café is decorated in red and black giving it a warm yet passionate ambiance. It is one of the most favored coffee shops chosen by Jakartans to hang out.



  • Tanamera Coffee Thamrin
    Thamrin City Office Park, Jalan Kebun Kacang Raya Blok AA7, Thamrin, Jakarta
    Phone +62-2129625599/29625678
  • Tanamera Coffee Kebayoran
    Jalan Ahmad Dahlan No 16 Jakarta
    Phone +62-2172786111
  • Tanamera Coffee Serpong
    Summarecon Scientia Square Park
    Jalan Scientia Boulevard No #GV-09, Serpong, Tangerang
    Phone +62-2129171244


Giyanti Coffee Roastery

This coffee shop has a unique vintage interior that entices you to enter and order your favorite coffee. The coffee is made from fresh roasted coffee beans from all over Indonesia, such as Bali Kintamani, Blue Batak, Java Preanger, Juria Flores, Padang Angkola, and many more. One thing that makes coffee enthusiasts love to come here is that the place is smoke-free. Smoke from the cigarettes can degrade the quality of the coffee beans. But in this coffee shop, you can expect finest quality of coffee and all in affordable prices!

Giyanti Coffee Roastery


Jalan Surabaya No 20 Menteng, Central Jakarta
Phone +62-2131923698
Open from Wednesday – Tuesday: 09.30 – 17.30 WIB

Filosofi Kopi

Filosofi Kopi coffee shop is at Blok M Melawai and has become the talk of town following the success of Filosofi Kopi Movie. When you come to this place, you’ll know why the place is different from other coffee shops in town. Filosofi Kopi is built from abandoned building which has been renovated into a cozy place. The furniture gives the place vintage vibes which strangely suits coffee-sessions. Coffee and non-coffee menus are available at very affordable prices.

Filosofi Kopi


Jalan Melawai VI Blok M, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta

Phone +62-2173910939


Trafique Coffee is also one of the favored coffee shops among Jakartans, especially amongst youngsters. The place is quite difficult to miss, with its large size and European architecture—unlike other coffee places which are usually small and petite. The baristas grind and roast their own coffee, so the coffee is guaranteed to be fresh when it arrives to your table. One thing to note is that the coffees here are guaranteed to be healthy, especially for those who have gastric issues.



Jalan Hang Tuah Raya No 9 Senayan, South Jakarta
Phone +62-87889848004

Lucky Cat Coffee & Kitchen

Lucky Cat Coffee & Kitchen is locally known for their light to medium roast coffee. This spot is fit for  those who have tight activities but wants tranquility. Situated in the middle of bustling area, its vintage building architecture will enthrall everybody who passes by.  In here, you are able to fix your mood by looking its casual interior complemented with calming ambience. Lucky Cat will also serve you with their selection of dishes from light snacks to Western cuisine.


Address: Plaza Festival, Jl. H. R. Rasuna Said No. C 22, Karet Kuningan, South Jakarta
Phone: +62-2121889061 ext: 664

Bakoel Koffie 

Bakoel Koffie gains its fame as the oldest coffee shop that has been around in 1878 since Batavia era. They  have been exporting their product abroad from 1930s as the business is currently run by 4th family generation. As one of the coffee shop pioneer,  the owner successfully discovers ways to concoct his own coffee creation. Pay a visit to sip their arabica-robusta mix while tasting their range of dessert and snacks.



  • Bakoel Coffee Cikini
    Jl. Cikini Raya No. 25, Menteng, Central Jakarta
    Phone: +62-2131936608
  • Bakoel Coffee Pondok Arena
    Jl. Cut Meutia, Blok FG12 No. 37, Pondok Aren, Tangerang
    Phone: +62-2174863443
Six Ounces Coffee

Six Ounces Coffee facilitates their visitor with comfy chairs and tables in a shady room. Besides that, they will also draw you to the temptation of trying their various assortment of coffee treats. Some drinks you should try vary from their iced Nutella milk coffee to the rock salt caramel Affogato. It is the best place to have quality time with partner or friends. You can also simply spend time alone to study or read books in this spot.


Address: Jl. Kelapa Puan Timur 2 Blok NB2 No. 1, Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta
Phone: +62-81295592233

1/15 Coffee 

1/15 Coffee is a growing coffee shop with luscious servings of pasta, salad, eggs, duck and many more. Enjoy their single origin brew, iced beverages to their Ginger milk coffee. Their minimalist yet modern interior design is no less enchanting compared to other similar spots. Natural and rustic ornaments used within the cafe also allows visitors to feel as if they are outing in the park while enjoying their meal.



  • 1/15 Coffee Menteng
    Jl. Dr. Kusuma Atmaja No.79, Menteng, Central Jakarta
    Phone: +62-81290002128
  • 1/15 Coffee Kemang
    Jl. Kemang Raya No. 37, Kemang, South Jakarta
    Phone: +62-21 71791733
  • 1/15 Coffee Pondok Indah
    Jl. Gandaria I No. 63, Pondok Indah, Jakarta
    Phone: +62-217225678
  • 1/15 Coffee Kebon Jeruk
    Wisma AKR, Lantai M, Museum MACAN, Jl. Panjang No. 5, Kebon Jeruk, West Jakarta
  • 1/15 Coffee Soekarno-Hatta International Airport
    Soekarno Hatta International Airport, Terminal 3 Ultimate, Domestik, Jl. Raya Bandara, Benda, Tangerang
Common Grounds 

Common Grounds will present you with various splendid breakfast and lunch dishes during coffee time. Due to its location in one of the most dynamic business area in Jakarta, the area will remind you heavily with busy and thronged streets in New York. If you happen to visit Common Ground, try their coffee specialities brewed by the hands of qualified, trained, award-winning baristas.



  • Common Grounds Sudirman
    Citywalk Sudirman Ground Floor, Jl. KH Mas Mansyur Kav. 121, Karet Tengsin, Central Jakarta
    Phone: +62-2125558963
  • Common Grounds Tanjung Duren
    Neo SOHO Mall, Ground Floor, Jl. Letjen S. Parman, Tanjung Duren, West Jakarta
    Phone: +62-2127893323
  • Common Grounds Pondok Indah
    Pondok Indah Mall 2, 3rd Floor, Jl. Metro Pondok Indah, Pondok Indah, Jakarta
    Phone: +62-2175920880


Good coffee + good place + good companion = happiness. Do you agree? asks Fauziah Listyo Ayunani

Fauziah Listyo Ayunani

#MustVisit Fusion Restaurants in Jakarta

In Jakarta, you can find many great restaurants for almost every type of cuisine. From seafood restaurants, Indian restaurants or Italian, everything is available in this city for you to try.  For those of you who are on a lookout for something new and out-of-the-box, try eating in fusion restaurants. Let’s give your taste bud a treat by trying uniquely combined menus, which will also give you a whole new experience in your culinary journey.

Here are the fusion restaurants that you must try in Jakarta:



At Suntiang, you can expect several Japanese staples like sushi, tempura, and noodles all combined with the hint of Padang cuisines. Some exemplary dishes you can find includes sushi with rendang or ramen noodles in a Minang style curry (gulai). In total, there are around 50 Japanese-Padang fusion menus at Suntiang that you can try.


  • Grand Indonesia Mall, 3A floor, West Mall, Jalan MH Thamrin Jakarta
    Phone +62-2123580448
  • Setiabudi One, Ground Floor, Jalan HR Rasuna Said No 63 Setiabudi, South Jakarta
    Phone +62-215257393

Chir Chir


Chir Chir is a famous Korean food chain specializing in Korean chicken dishes. Various fried chicken, roasted chicken and tenders with various sauces are available here. Although it originates from South Korea, you can expect to find menus beyond the classic korean dishes like Korean Yangnyeom Chicken (spicy fried chicken). One of the recommended menus is Nest Snow, crispy boneless tenders floating on signature white, creamy sauce along with mashed potato salad and whipped cream.

Address: Ruko Garden House, Blok B No 20, Pantai Indah Kapuk, North Jakarta
Phone: +62-2121889061 ext: 550

Halo Niko!

Photo courtesy of Manual Jakarta

This restaurant offers unique fusion menus that you’ve ever imagined: Javanese and Greek. The owners steer clear from cross-breeding the two cuisines, however there are few dishes with mixed influences like Bihun Udang Mas Niko: mix of thin rice noodles, shrimp, chili, and tomato sauce with feta cheese. You can also try to have your Beef Souvlaki (Greek kebab-like wrap) along with Kalimera Soup (Javanese soup), and wash it down with Teh Tubruk.

Jalan Warung Buncit Raya No 98, South Jakarta
Phone +62-2179191227

Mojo Kitchen and Bar


MOJO Kitchen and Bar serves Californian cuisines, which are fusion cuisines influenced by French, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Italian, Mexican and many more. This fusion restaurant is a big melting pot of many different cuisines that results in many new and interesting dishes. Here you can find the classics like Fish and Chips, or the Western-Eastern fusion like Deep Fried Pork Belly Confit Burrito Bowl.

Address: Jalan Kertanegara No 70 Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta
Phone +62-2170070529



GIOI presents you with varied delights of different fusion which features elements from Asian countries. Dishes from GIOI generally consist of influences from Thai, Vietnamese, Balinese cuisines. Besides their exquisite presentation of the menu, you can indulge your appetite in this restaurant with a plentiful portion. After completing your meal, move upstairs to enjoy a sip of wine or cocktail.

Address:  Jl. Senopati Raya No. 88, RT 7/RW 3, Selong, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta 12190
Phone: +62-217211468, +62-217211480

Akira Back 


Akira Back is a fine dining restaurant that serves you East Asian menu cooked with high quality ingredients. By combining Japanese and Korean cuisine, they deliver diverse flavors with stunning styling of the dishes. You can also opt for Omakase by allowing a chef treat you with their dish selection.

Adress: MD Place Penthouse Level 12, Jl. Setia Budi Selatan No. 7, Setia Budi, RT 5/RW 1, South Jakarta 12910
Phone: +62-2129040777, +62-85288877888

Ático by Javanegra


For those who are curious and fond of Spanish and Mediterranean food, you may include Ático by Javanegra to your list. Enrich your culinary experience by relishing on a range of their cuisines from Tapas, Lamb, and Seafood. The aroma brought by their cooking can arouse your entire senses. Other than that, Ático also provides Indonesian Soul Food in their menu.

Address: Menara BTPN, 4th floor Rooftop Kav. 5.5 – 5.6, RT 5/RW 2 Timur, Jl. DR. Ide Anak Agung Gde Agung, Kuningan, South Jakarta 12950
Phone: +62-2122958194

The hectic metropolitan city of Jakarta can satisfy your craving of various dishes from many different countries. Fusion restaurants are one of the places you can refresh yourself, where you can find something new and out-of-the box to discover. Each of these 7 fusion restaurants can even excite your curiosity over typical dishes served in Jakarta.

Have you visited one of those restaurant and tasted their signature dish? Please fill your comment below!



Have you noticed the many travel fairs being held around Jakarta offering amazing airfare and tour package deals. This is definitely the best time to plan your holidays. Our newsletter this week has many suggestions for where you can go…

Indian Navy ships INS Tir, INS Sujata, and INS Shardul will be open for visitors from 0900-1630 on Saturday, 13 Oct 2018. The ships are berthed at JICT-II, Tajung Priok, Jakarta – an awesome & proud opportunity for all Indians in Indonesia.

Festive fervor is high among devotees during this Navratri and Durga Puja celebrations. Do share your photographs on Indoindians facebook with tag @Indoindians

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Jai Mata Di

Indoindians Team

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The press conference of upcoming Miss and Mrs. Inter-Nations 2018 was held at JW Marriott Hotel, Jakarta on October 10th 2018. One of these contestants will represent Indonesia for Miss & Mrs. Inter-Nations 2018 in Singapore on 18 – 21 October.

Indoindians met with the organizers and contestants for an up close and personal conversation. Find excerpts below…

Udita Thadani and Simran Punjabi

Udita Thadani

Please tell us about yourself and what inspired you become the the Indonesia country director for this beauty pageant? 

My name is Udita Thadani and I’m glad to introduce myself as National Director for Miss & Mrs. Intern-Nations 2018. This is the first time Indonesia has become a part of this contest and I’m glad that I’m heading it. The main idea or purpose of the pageant is for the global empowerment of the women. Those overall empowerment including self-love, self-esteem, self-courage, what a woman needs in today’s time.

What are the main traits that you look for in contestants?

The first trait that a contestant should have is self-love. When a person loves herself, that’s when she wants to do everything willingly for herself. She takes most care of her body, her mind, her soul. Because beauty is not about the physicality, it’s all about your mental and psychological traits as well. So when you comprise it altogether. Those what make the contestant perfect.

Which part of the pageant excites you the most? 

The most thrilling for me is the preparation for the pageant. Especially the time when you get to interact way closely with the contestant. You get to know them as true humans.

How does participating in this event lead to personal growth of the contestant? 

Regarding the personal growth, when we come across them during the training sessions, we do tell them where parts they have to work on. For examples. some of contestants are quite introvert. So when they came into group preparation, they started working on part they need to expose. They start talking and working more into a friendly environment.

For last, I’m truly excited about the pageant and I’m happy as I’m part of it. My contestants team are amazing as they are well-prepared and I wish them all the luck and success.

Following are the snippets of interviews with three selected contestants:

Meha Sanghi

Please introduce yourself to Indoindians

Meha: My name is Meha Sanghi, eighteen years old and I’m currently a student in grade 12th.

Palak: My name is Palak Bhansali, I’m 25 years old and a performing artist, an actress and a dance performer.

Amita: I’m Amita Sharma, 53, representing Mrs. Inter-Nations Global Empowerment 2018.

Why did you decide to participate in this event? 

Meha: I participated to this event for number of reasons. Firstly. I wanted to explore the world of beauty and fashion. I’m always fascinated by similar pageants. I want to represent Indonesia in international level and make a proud. Furthermore I wanted to inspire women globally to embrace the beauty inside them.

Palak: I decided to participate in this event because I need to do something new and something which is out of the box.

Amita: I was motivated to work for women education as I’m an educator myself. I have been teaching for the last twenty years and working with special need kids. So I thought this is a good platform to use for the social work and the mental upgrade of women.

What has been the been the biggest challenge as a contestant? 

Meha: The biggest challenge for me as a contestant is to learn the new things that you have to do in a pageant. Such things as how to walk on the runway, how to do proper make-up, how to dress nicely. As a student who wants to involve into a fashion world, I need to become a model.  Learning is indeed the biggest challenge.

Palak: The biggest challenge is to represent Indonesia because it’s big responsibility to carry. It’s not only your name, but Indonesia’s name in international platform. Hence the preparation has been really intense.

Amita: As a contestant, you have to be physically and mentally prepared because there is lot of hard work and lot of things to do.

Miss Palak Bhansali

In your opinion, what is the biggest issue that women face in the modern world? 

Meha: It is women and equality. Mostly women don’t get paid as much as men do even they have same jobs. I think it is truly wrong as the world would not progress more if women and men are not equal.

Palak: The biggest issue that women are facing is that the constant need to be an equal to a man. However one must realizes women are blessed with certain capabilities and possibilities which you should explore.

Amita: I personally feel that to empower women, education is a must. Especially in the rural parts of Indonesia. So I would really like to work on that.

How do you think this issue can be solved? 

Meha: The issue can only be solved if both women and men work together to bring women position as equal as men at present time. I want to inspire women in Indonesia that they are able to work and still be beautiful at the same time.

Palak: Women should just go on and do what they need and want to do. Don’t be thinking that this is job for a man. It might be that way today, you should go ahead and change it. So go and live it.

Amita: This issue can be solved by empowering and teaching women. For example I have started teaching English to my own helper at home. Slowly and gradually other helpers are also joining. I think anytime is a good time to start.

Mrs. Amita Sharma

Tell us your life motto

Meha: Since I was a child. I have always been to become a doctor. After my year 12, I’m going to do MBBS, Bachelor and Master in Medicine. I want to treat patients and help people.

Palak: My life motto what I seek is the spice of life, that’is what I truly believe in and I have been following it for many years. I have always been to do something which is out of the box.  Something which is different where I guess I live by it.

Amita: My life motto is whatever life gives you, you have to give it back to society.



Press Conference of Miss and Mrs Inter-Nations Indonesia 2018
Press Conference of Miss and Mrs Inter-Nations Indonesia 2018

The press conference of upcoming Miss and Mrs. Inter-Nations 2018 was held at JW Marriott Hotel, Jakarta on October 10th 2018. Udita Thadani, a makeup artist and salon owner, is the National Director of this beauty pageant said that the event aims to empower women in all aspects. Those particularly include self-love and courage as required by women today. She also remarked that apart from physical features, beauty is more psychological and mental. Taking care of body, mind, and soul at once is an act of self-love.

Simran Punjabi, of Intercept Films, as the Co-Director of Miss and Mrs. Inter-Nations in Indonesia shared that the pageant seeks to increase and strengthen the woman empowerment In Indonesia, and to recognize capability and encourage women to be more wise and caring.

This event was a showcase for the three contestants from Indonesia, selected via online auditions as role models. They all happen to be Indian citizens – Miss Meha Sanghi, Miss Palak Bhansali, and Mrs. Amita Sharma. The contestants intend to encourage women to live their dream no matter what circumstances they are in.

Meha Sanghi is a 19 year old student, who participated with her major interest in beauty and fashion. She is eager to embrace the inner beauty of a woman.

Palak Bhansali is 25, and Miss India Indonesia 2015. She is a performing artist and participates in this forum to challenge herself to be different and be an ‘out of the box’ individual.

Amita Sharma, 53, was 1st runner up of Mrs. India Indonesia 2018. She is an educator and social worker.

The three contestants have been through and intense training which included public speaking, catwalk, beauty and fitness regime, will leaving for Singapore on October 17, 2018 for the main event on 18-21 October.

The contestants were presented to the gathering, where they walked the red carpet. Well known Indonesian designer Hengki Kawilarang has designed the national dresses which were also presented by the ladies.

As the grand finale to the press conference, the contestants walked the ramp in magnificent traditional costume designed by Nabil Cartyn Carnival.

The 3 contestants in costumes by designer Nabil Cartyn Carnival
The 3 contestants in costumes by designer Nabil Cartyn Carnival

Meha Sanghi wore a 10 kg blue dress Zero Point Indonesia, Wonderful Sabang that blew out soap bubbles near her ears. This traditional dress is inspired by the cultural and natural diversity found in Indonesia’s zero point, Sabang Island, Aceh – symbolizing the underwater life of Sabang. It is made from traditional Sabang cloth, and the graded blue skirt is a visualization of Sabang sea color and its unique burst of ocean waves in the headpiece on the right and left sides. Often designated to hold global diving competition, Sabang has become a primary destination for national and international divers.

Palak Bhansali wore a 10kg pink and gold dress that pays tribute to Ratu Safiatuddin, Queen of Women’s Emancipation. The costume was inspired by the life of Sultanah Sri Ratu Tajul Alam Safiatuddin Johan Berdaulat (1641-1675AD) ruler of the kingdom of Aceh Darussalam.  She treated the position of women to be equalized with men in the life of society and state. Gold was found in the mountains of Aceh during her reign, making the kingdom rich and prosperous.

The third national costume worn by Amita Sharma was an 8 kg blend of black and fiery orange Bandung Lautan Api. The dress is inspired by the struggle of Bandung citizens to defend their homeland from colonialism at March 24th 1946. Residents of the city, nicknamed Paris Van Java, set fire to their homes create ‘Bandung Lautan Api’ (Sea of Fire) to prevent control by the Dutch colonizers. The term was used by Commander Rukana, of the Military Police in Bandung in conversation with A.H. Nasution and Sutan Syahir.

One of these contestants will represent Indonesia for Miss & Mrs. Inter-Nations 2018 in Singapore on 18 – 21 October.

1 7653
Art and Craft Supplies Stores in Jakarta

Bookstores like Gramedia and Paperclip usually fulfill the casual art and craft supply need in Jakarta, however, there are stores that provide a wider selection and maybe better prices. We have compiled for you the recommended stores where you can get the stuff for your next art projects:

Artland Jakarta


People in online forums usually refer to Artland when it comes to the most complete art and craft supplies in town. Here you can find canvases in different sizes, various kinds of paint, painting tools, craft materials, knitting materials, and many others. Artland has several stores around Jakarta, but you also can order the stuffs online here.


  • Poins Square Lebak Bulus, 3A floor No 15-25, Jalan RA Kartini No 1A, Lebak Bulus, South Jakarta
    Phone 021-75920033
  • Menteng Huis 2nd floor No 2 Jalan Cikini Raya No 2-4, Menteng, Central Jakarta
    Phone 021-39831850
  • STC Senayan, GF no 12-14, Jalan Asia Afrika Pintu IX, Gelora Senayan, Central Jakarta
    Phone 021-57931275
  • Supermal Karawaci, West Basement No 6, Jalan Boulevard Diponegoro, Perumahan Lippo Karawaci Tangerang
    Phone 021-5465226
  • Staples Stationary –Gading Serpong, Jalan Raya Boulevard Gading Serpong, Block BA 3 No 41-43 Perumahan Gading Serpong, Tangerang 15810
    Phone 021-54210018

Made With Love


This is a ‘heaven’ for scrapbooking lovers. Here you can find premium arts and crafts supplies and equipments such as the Martha Stewart’s craft collection, stencils, stamps sets, fancy papers, and many more.

Address: Grand Indonesia West Mall 2nd floor No 18
Phone 021-23581882


Artemedia is one of the oldest and trusted art supplies store offering excellent quality products from big brands and is the exclusive distributor of brands such as Winsor & Newton, Derwent, Sakura, Canson, etc. This shop is also known to have the best pencil and charcoal pencil collections you can find around.

Address: Jalan Sultan Iskandar Muda No 16D, Arteri Pondok Indah, South Jakarta
Phone 021-7265543

The Handcrafter


This is one of felt wool craft supplies in Jakarta, which is also Hamanaka representative in Indonesia. In the store you can get art and craft supplies such as felt wool craft, knitting and crochet, amigurumi, UV resin craft, and many more. You can also join the craft workshop here!

Address: Lippo Mall Puri St Moritz, LG 22F, Jalan Puri Indah Raya Blok U1 CBD-Puri Indah, West Jakarta
Phone 021-29111393

Toko Prapatan


This is also one of the oldest art and craft supplies stores in Indonesia. Founded in 1955, Toko Prapatan originally only provided local and imported painting supplies. But now, the store also provides other craft supplies such as carving supplies, stationeries, and even digital printing services.


  • Jalan Raya Jatinegara Timur No 21 Jatinegara, East Jakarta (only stationary, craft and painting supplies)
    Phone 021-85913988
  • Jalan Kalibaru Barat No 37A Senen, Central Jakarta (only digital printing)
    Phone 4266132
  • Jalan RS Fatmawati No 5B, South Jakarta (stationary, craft and painting supplies)
    Phone 021-7506027



Making scrapbooks for gifts to people will be super personal gifts and more meaningful. This gift is very suitable to be made to loved ones. For those who like to make scrapbook or decorate journals and diaries, it is very suitable for shopping at Hobbycraft. The Hobbycraft branch is also very big, so it won’t be hard for us to find this scrapbooking shop!

Lokasi :

Ciputra Mall, 3rd Fl Unit 14

Blok M Plaza, 4th Fl

Plaza Semanggi, 2nd Fl

Taman Anggrek Mall, 2nd Fl

Pluit Village, 2nd Fl

Blok M Mall, 4th Fl

Aneka Warna

Alternatively, artists can head over to ‘Aneka Warna’. They sell a variety of items from canvas, large sheets of art paper, oil paints, watercolours, art pencils and art books all at reasonable prices. The store would even have rare items that are not present in some arts and crafts store such as liquid masking film, modelling paste, or even a picture cleaner.

Location: Jl. Ampera Raya No. 76 Kemang | Phone:  021 781 1053

Online stores:

Findyka Craft


Founded in 2011, Findyka Craft is an online store providing various craft and souvenirs supplies such as flannel/felt, keychain, hair clips, ribbons, laces, buttons, beads, and many more. Through this website, visitors can also find different promotions on craft items and contact the store for more questions.

Contact: SMS/WhatsApp 085646651205

D’best Craft


Alternatively, you can also buy knitting supplies online in this website. This online store provides craft supplies such as wool and knitting materials, paper quilting, loom band, quilt patchwork and many more. Accessories such as buttons, safety pins and decoupage are also available for visitors who are looking for these items.

Contact: WhatsApp 081318810831

Benang RajutQ


Benang RajutQ has a very wide collection of knitting supplies. They have various knitting yarns made of cotton, soft cotton, rayon viscose, acrylic linen, soft wool, nylon, and many more. You also can buy guide book of knitting and other knitting supplies such as knitting needle, stitch markers and many more.

Contact: WhatsApp/SMS 08124970785

Are you a painter? Good news for you, now you don’t have to travel to buy the items that you need. Everything that you need from paint, canvas, brushes and many more are available for your purchase at The products sold are infinite and affordable at the same time. If the absence of someone to ask concerns you, then you can immediately contact the phone and e-mail of the store.

If you wish to learn and explore your art hobbies, you can take a course or workshop in one of these places.

So which is your favorite art and craft supply store???

In our busy work and personal activities we often find ourselves under pressure to get things done under tight deadline and target. Not to mention the growing expectations of others. Often we do not realize that the accumulated stress from all of our activities has grown to dangerous levels, making us even more stressed, unhappy, and the worst, losing the spirit to live.

When we have reached that point, meditation is the answer. Meditation is a valuable tool for finding peace, relaxation, and relieving stress in our life.
Meditation is a technique or practice that allows you to relax and concentrate. With meditation we can learn on how to slow down our mind, and relax it to the level that our mind can relax. It can be practiced almost anywhere and every time you feel the need to loosen your mind up.
If you want to meditate under the instructions of the experts, these places should be noted on your list:

The Art of Living

Here you can enroll in The Art of Meditation course, which is also known as Sahaj Samadhi. Sahaj, in Sanskrit, means effortless and Samadhi is silent yet lively state of awareness that lies at the source of thought. During Art of Meditation practice, you will find that your mind effortlessly experiences this state of Samadhi. Upon finishing your meditation you will find that you feel infused with these qualities of energy, clarity, creativity and perhaps, deep inner peace. The courses are held in various places and scheduled regularly.

Art of Living Indonesia
[email protected]
Phone 021-6513123
Visit for more information about the schedules and venues

Brahma Kumaris

Brahma Kumaris is a worldwide spiritual movement dedicated to personal transformation and world renewal. Here you can take Raja Yoga Meditation course, where you can redefine the self as a soul and enable a direct connection and relationship with the Supreme Source of purest energy and highest consciousness.


  • Brahma Kumaris Main Centre, Jalan Cibulan 111/15 Jakarta
    Phone 021-7246794
  • Jalan Sunter Karya Selatan VI Blok B8/5 Sunter, North Jakarta
    Phone 021-6458054

Indonesia Vipassana Meditation

Here you can take 10-day courses Vipassana Meditation, where the technique is taught step by step each day. Vipassana Meditation aims to erase all of the impurities in our mind and reach the genuine happiness. During the 10-day courses, participants need to follow the rules and learn from the very basic. The whole course is only for those who are serious and devoted themselves to the comprehensive course.

Yayasan Meditasi Vipassana Indonesia
Jalan H Achmad Kampung Bojong, Gunung Geulis, Bogor
Phone 085921555766 / 085103663290

Anand Ashram Foundation

The Anand Ashram Foundation is the Center for Well being and Self-Empowerment. Here you can get meditation exercises where you can cleanse the emotional burdens such as anger, sadness, disappointment and trauma. There are various meditation programs in Anand Ashram Foundation: Neo Zen Reiki, which focuses on going beyond the physical/mental/emotional healing; Neo Stress Management, which focuses on empowering the participants and discover their hidden potentials; Neo Kundalini Yoga, which aims to make your life more rhythmic, and more responsive to all kinds of challenges you face; and Neo Sufi Training, where you can let go of all kinds of mental/emotional filths.

Anand Ashram Mother Centre
Jalan Sunter Mas Barat II-E, Block H-10, No 1 North Jakarta
Phone 021-6508648 / 085697132587

Tergar Indonesia

Tergar meditation training offers three main programs of meditation. First is The Joy of Living, where everyone can join this without religious and cultural restrictions. The second program is The Path of Liberation for those who feel inspired to follow Buddha’s way. The third program is Exploring Buddhism, a multi-year study program that includes the lessons of Tibetan Buddhism.

Tergar Meditation Center
Green Mansion Daan Mogot Km 10, Jalan Boulevard Raya 47 No 35, West Jakarta
Phone 021-29025314

The Golden Space

This mediation center offers many programs on its own, whether you are a just beginning or you are someone with experience. This program also varies for people of all ages, from children to people who are of age. If you are someone with problems on a particular part of your life, then you can also book training for the Golden space. To get the most out of your sessions, then you can even choose one-on-one sessions. It’s important to mention that all belief structures and religions are welcome.

The Golden Space
Sudirman Park Complex, Rukan Blok B No. 1, 2nd Floor, Jl. KH. Mas Mansyur Kav. 35, Karet Tengsin, Central Jakarta
Phone +62-2157943729

Bodhi Meditation

The classes in Bodhi Meditation also vary, from the beginners’ classes to more experienced teachings. Practitioners can even choose the language of the classes, from both English and Indonesian. One thing particularly special about this meditation centre is that it offers organized retreats, in which practitioners have the chance to increase their energy and meet people who are on the same path and journey as they are.

Bodhi Meditation
Mega Glodok Kemayoran Office Tower A, 7th floor Jl Raya Angkasa Kav B-6 Jakarta Pusat
Phone +62-2129070735 / 29070739