A 6D/5N Road Trip Jakarta-Jogja

5 Cities With Majestic Night Views in Indonesia: Yogyakarta

Nothing like a school holiday 6D/5N Road Trip Jakarta-Jogja…

Explore the heart of Java on a road trip from Jakarta to Yogyakarta or Jogja, a distance of 562 km with a travel time of around 9-10 hours by the Trans-Java Toll Road. The long trip to Jogja has become faster, easier and more comfortable.

Enroute visit the cities and attractions in CirebonTegalPekalongan SemarangSalatiga and finally Jogja.

Make sure the vehicle is in top condition, lots of snacks on hand, and start the journey at 5-6 am!

Day 1:

  • Cirebon City: Sang Cipta Rasa Great Mosque, Empal Gentong H. Apud, Nasi Jamblang


Nasi Jamblang
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After driving about 3 hours from Jakarta, stop at the city of Cirebon which is known as the City of Shrimp. Enjoy the morning and the beauty of the mosque architecture that is thick with Javanese culture at the Sang Cipta Rasa Great Mosque. Then, lunch with a typical Cirebon dish, Nasi Jamblang.

Try Nasi Jamblang Ibu Nur, located close to the Cirebon Train Station. If you want to taste other Cirebon specialties, stop by Empal Gentong H. Apud. Then on to Tegal City.

  • Tegal City: Tahu Pletok, Kupat Glabed, Guci Hot Springs

9 Delicious Tofu Dishes In Indonesia: tahu plethok

While touring Tegal City, taste the iconic Tahu Aci and Tahu Pletok. This Tegal snack is a combination of fried tofu and chewy aci (starch), which is perfect for long trips. Both types of tofu can be purchased at Tahu Murni Putra Nata Jaya. Besides tofu, also enjoy Ibu Wartini’s Kupat Glabed. Kupat Glabed is famous for its savory and thick sauce like the thick rendang seasoning. Spend the rest of the first day of the road trip at Guci Hot Springs. Besides taking a hot spring dip, you can also stay in the cool mountain atmosphere and play in the strawberry gardens.

Day 2:

  •  Pekalongan City: Batik Museum, Setono Wholesale Market, Soto Tauto, Soto Ilat

A 6D/5N Road Trip Jakarta-Jogja: Pekalongan City: Batik Museum, Setono Wholesale Market, Soto Tauto, Soto IlatAfter traveling about 2 hours from Tegal, the next stop is Pekalongan City. Visit the Batik Museum which has a collection of more than 1000 traditional and modern batik. While in Pekalongan, buy cloth or batik clothes typical of Pekalongan. The price of batik fabric in Pekalongan is much cheaper than in Jakarta.

The International Batik Center (IBC) and the Setono Wholesale Market have a wide and beautiful variety of motifs, colors, and batik fabrics to buy. Then, have lunch at Soto Tauto Roemani or Soto Ilat Bu Har. Both of these soups are a must try while in Pekalongan because they are very iconic and fresh.

  • Semarang City: Lawang Sewu Building, Simpang Lima

7 Reasons Why You Should Visit SemarangContinue the journey to the city of Semarang which is about 100-kilometers from Pekalongan.

In Semarang, visit the Lawang Sewu Building which is a heritage building from the Dutch colonial era which was built in 1904-1907. Then, take a short break at a hotel or homestay near Simpang Lima. Simpang Lima is the center of Semarang Square, where hotels and shopping centers are located. At night, enjoy a variety of culinary delights at Simpang Lima and its surroundings, such as sego pecel, meatballs, chicken rice, soto ayam, tofu dreadlocks, tofu petis, cat rice, soto bangkong, and of course spring rolls.

Day 3:

Semarang City: Dusun Semilir, Sam Poo Kong Temple, Avalokitesvara Pagoda, Old City

While still in Semarang City, check out from the hotel early and start the third day trip to tourist attractions in the city center such as the Sam Poo Kong Temple, Avalokitesvara Pagoda, and the Old City area. After being satisfied with taking pictures and going around the Old City Area, continue the journey to Dusun Semilir. There is a colorful 120-meter long and 40-meter high slide, Instagrammable photo spots, Hanuman jump ride, tourist train, and gondola.

  • Salatiga City: Ambarawa Railway Museum

#TravelDestination: 5 Oldests Train Stations in Indonesia: Stasiun Ambarawa (1873)The next trip is to the city of Solo via Salatiga. In Salatiga, there is an interesting spot to visit – the Ambarawa Railway Museum. In this museum, there is a collection of railways from the Dutch East Indies to the pre-independence period of the Republic of Indonesia. Visitors can also feel the sensation of traveling using a tourist train. From here, continue your journey to the last city, Yogyakarta.

Day 4

  •  Yogyakarta City: Selfie Park Umbulharjo, Prambanan Temple, Suwatu by Mil&Bay

Prambanan Hindu Temple in JogykartaThis city has many amazing tourist attractions, unique and delicious culinary, cultural and educational centers, and the arts that are preserved well.

After spending the night at a selected hotel in Jogja, the fourth day can be started by stopping briefly at Selfie Park Umbulharjo. Here, there are Instagrammable photo spots, craft markets, and outdoor culinary rides. Then, continue the journey to Prambanan Temple and enjoy the sunset while having dinner at Suwatu by Mil&Bay which offers panoramic views of the city, Prambanan Temple, and Mount Merapi.

Day 5:

  • Yogyakarta City: Breksi Cliffs, Watu Jaran Sky Swing, Malioboro


It’s a photographers paradise for beautiful and unique photos at Breksi Cliff on the fifth day. This tourist attraction is in the form of hills of breccia rock with a unique pattern. In the afternoon, go to the Watu Jaran Sky Swing to test your adrenaline, which is swinging on a swing with an altitude of 600 meters above sea level. The safety of this swing is guaranteed because it is monitored by the Yogyakarta SAR Team. Before heading back to Jakarta, make sure to spend the night in Malioboro for sightseeing, buying handicrafts, enjoying Jogja specialties at several lesehan stalls accompanied by the music of the Malioboro artists.

Day 6:

Head back to Jakarta

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