All About Cincau by Hritika Babani

Green Cincau Drink
Green Cincau Drink

Dr. Cincau …Yes please

Good day to Everyone! My name is Chaya Deepak Babani and my passion has been creating healthy food and drinks to nourish this body and keep it disease free so it can perform with optimum performance.

My Mom’s sister introduced me to this Green Jelly like Substance called Cincau – it is easy to grow and grows rapidly in our temperature here in Jakarta. I’ve always wanted to innovate something for dessert because it seems we all eat healthy throughout the day and when we reach dessert time.. it seems crazy that our whole days nutritious food content can be flushed out totally by enormous amounts of sugar, milk and sweetener.

Here is my Cincau pudding recipe >>

So This Cincau seems to be our answer to our dessert craving – something jelly like – add a little bit of jaggery, coconut sugar, or even some coconut milk and its ready. This is the simplest recipe. You can also get really creative with it and set the cincau on a fancy glass and then layer it with some chia seeds and add some fresh fruit – balls of watermelon, melon, papaya..any fruit basically. Its safer to eat fruits than to eat thick creamy puddings and pies as you know the sugar in fruits is totally natural. Anything that is natural is safer to consume than our man made innovative ideas of sugar, flour and flavoring.

So lets look at the benefits of Cincau and try to at least have it once a week if not once every day. For me, cincau can be a breakfast mixed with fruits & almond milk, it can be a mid afternoon soothing drink or a dessert for the night. Just play with your creativity and I am sure you will dazzle me with your recipes of cincau. Do share them with me. Instagram ig : chayadbabani 

Cincau leaves
Cincau leaves

Benefits of Cincau

  1. Cincau has chlorophyll – a green pigment that allows plants to take the light from the sun into energy through the process of photosynthesis. So in other words, the energy of the sun – the most powerful element that gives light and life to this world is contained in Chlorophyll.
  2. Chlorophyll helps to stimulate production of blood. The atoms in cincau resemble the atomic  structure of hemoglobin (blood cells). Blood is very much what our body keeps making and renewing to make us alive, so cincau really assists in the production of blood itself.
  3. An article mentioned that Cincau extract can kill blood cancer cells from 55 to 90 percent.
  4. Reading another study paper, Cincau enables us to kill Tumor Cells present in our body. 
  5. As we saw in No. 2, assisting blood production enables cincau to increase Immunity of the body and helps builds body Resistance to germs, diseases and viruses.
  6. Cincau Helps in Relieving Throat Infections
  7. Cincau Can cure Diarrhea.
  8. Cincau helps in the treatment of. The bioactive compounds of cincau directly target the central tissues such as the heart, vascular and nervous system as angiostein receptor blockers (ARBs), help accelerate the formation of urine and also become antioxidants in oxidative stress processes.
  9. Excellent for the tummy and Digestive System – Digestive system is the basis of our health.
  10. Everyone will love this one. Who doesn’t want to lose some extra pounds. Helps to Reduce Weight – very low calories  – It also contains simple sugar  which can be used as a source of energy to burn fat which will not allow fat accumulation in the body cells.
  11. It Helps to Reduce Fever
  12. It can also be useful to diabetes patients and helps reduce Blood Sugar Levels 
  13. As cincau contains fiber, It is great for patients with  heart diseases and cholesterol issues. Chlorophyll has the capacity to clear dangerous germs and bacteria in the arteries and veins so there is no blockage in the heart flow.
  14. Eye Health – it has certain elements which delay the degeneration of tissues in our eyes.
  15. It also helps in reducing Body pain and Stiff Muscles because of its ability to stimulate blood production.
  16. Cincau has  a Great Anti Oxidant Content and is a  Natural Antibiotic to kill germs and fungus in the human body.
  17. Cincau has the ability cure food poisoning after having a seafood meal.
  18. As cincau has iron content, it helps prevent in preventing osteoporosis.
  19. Cincau making is so easy, you only need a blender and water. It is also possible to squash the leaves by hand to do some hand muscles exercise if the blender is out of reach.
  20. Cincau grows easily and abundantly in Jakarta weather.
  21. Last but not least – It is YUMMY AND TASTY and you are blessing your body by having it.

After reading all these benefits, are you convinced enough to EAT CINCAU REGULARLY AND replace your HIGH SUGAR DESSERT with this natural Chlorophyll Green Jelly?