Basic Self Defense Techniques to Keep You Safe


It is essential to know how to react in dangerous situations to keep safe. While being alert is good to avoid dangers, learning basic self-defense techniques also will allow you to escape and defend yourself in life-threatening situations.

First, it is good to remember that prevention is the best self-defense. Regardless of their objective, attackers are looking for vulnerable, unsuspecting, and unguarded targets. So, be sure that you follow general safety tips like not wearing excessive jewelry, hold your bag safe, walking and parking in well-it areas, and other personal security precautions.

If the violence seems unavoidable, you have to know ahead of time how to fight back effectively. Even if it’s against someone bigger or stronger than you, it is still possible to fight back. Here are some basic self-defense techniques that everyone should master to keep you safe:

  1. As soon as the attacker touches you, shout loudly (in local language) and push back at him or her. This two things signal for help and it lets the attacker know that you’re not an easy target.eye-gouge
  2. If the attacker tries to grab you by the neck, use your index finger and middle finger to stab him in the throat or eyes. Stabbing or gouging the attacker’s eyes will interfere their vision and you can escape easier.
  3. Grab the attacker by his/her hair, pull the head down, and drive your knee as hard as you can into his face.biting
  4. Bite down as hard as you can on any body part that comes close to your face. While biting, hold on the body part so the attacker cannot escape from your grip.knee
  5. Knee is an ideal self-defense target, vulnerable from every angle and easily kicked without risk of your foot being grabbed.kicking-genitals
  6. A kick to the groin or genitals is one of the most effective means of fighting off an attacker. Kicking with your knee will give greater effect than kicking with your foot.improvised-weapons-perfume-661x496
  7. If you are a woman and you carry a perfume or hairspray in your purse, you can use them as weapons. Spray perfume or hairspray into the attacker’s eyes, and while they’re confused by the smell and their vision is blurry, you can attack them easier.

If you want to learn more self defense techniques, you can take martial art classes that are available around Jakarta. Click here for more information.

Wherever you go, it is important to always be careful and alert with the situation around you. Make sure that you’re not walking or driving around a remote or unfamiliar location alone, and you don’t bring objects that can attract the attackers, such as briefcase or laptop bag. Any violation or attacks can happen when there is an opportunity, so make sure that you do not open that opportunity.