Bindis: Trending Fashion Statement

Creative Painted Bindis

Traditionally, the Indian Bindi or mark was applied by Hindu married ladies on their foreheads to symbolize marriage. Bindi is a dot which is worn as a decoration between the eyebrows or in the center of the forehead. It is red in color, but other color variations are also available. It is believed that bindi symbolizes the third eye protecting them from evil. But, today it has become more of a fashion statement – a decorative enhancement of the forehead – adding definition to the female face. It is the most eye catchy accessory, which draws immediate attention. Today young and old both wear bindi to adorn their beauty, not only in India but also across the world. It is hugely popular in South Asia and South-East Asia.

Bindi comes from the Sanskrit word bindu which means ‘a drop‘. The dot on the forehead of a woman suggests symbolically that she is the Shakti or the strength of every living being and from a woman starts life which is strengthened by her.

The bindi also suggests the mystic third eye of Lord Shiva on his forehead which suggests his strength and wisdom.

Bindis are two types:

  • Creative Bindis – The ones that you draw in your forehead.
  • Sticker Bindis – The ones that are available in the market.

Creative Bindis

Liquid kumkum set to make creative bindisCreative bindis are making a fashion statement. Guess what, they are really simple as you can do them yourself! All that is required is a fine bristle paint brush, wax kajal, even poster colours will do and of course loads of your imagination!!!

The shapes and symbols and colours of the bindi are co-ordinated with the garment. Liquid bindi packs that are readily available in the market, glitter tubes are used in a creative manner to design bindis with high fashion appeal. Various shapes and designs are like

  • Geometric shapes such as square, rectangle, rhombus, triangle.
  • Round or circle shape is the most common and favourite of married ladies.
  • You could sport a bindi with the symbol of Om.
  • Sun with wiry, petal-like rays.
  • Drawings of fishes, stars, tiny birds, flowers, even cartoon characters, hearts, slogans and messages can all be made a personal style.

But don’t forget to give a black, navy blue, bottle green or dark brown outline to the bindis. These dark outlines will make your effort really stand out!

100 creative bindi designs

Sticker Bindis

Fancy Sticker Bindis
Bindis available in the market are sticker bindis. These bindis come in a variety of shapes, colors, sizes and designs. Intricate designs include beadwork, handprints, meenakari work, kundan, and studded stones, pearls and diamonds. Apart from the usual traditional bindis, outstanding variety ranging from fancy bindis to designer bindis to bridal bindis are available. The prices can range to really expensive as with swarovski or other gemstones.