Buying a Villa in Bali: Overall Facts and Potential Options


Have you ever considered buying a villa in Bali? If you want to invest your money in property and you travel a lot to Bali, maybe it is time for you to think about having yourself a personal property of your own. Instead of staying at the hotel or renting a villa, why not having one on your own and take the greatest advantage of it? Of course, you should be thinking about locations and benefits that you can get from having a villa.

Bong Chandra, one of property experts as well as a young billionaire in Indonesia, mentioned something about gap zone. “Property buyers should be looking at the gap zone of the properties offered in one area.” From that point alone, you can decide what to do with the property or any plans regarding the development of the property. The price of a property can differ even when they are located in the same area. It is your job as the buyer to observe this phenomenon and find out how to do the perfect work to improve your assets.

The Benefits of Having a Villa in Bali

For now, you probably think that staying at the hotel will be enough. Or, you have never thought of other alternatives that can provide you benefits – financially or others. But you should seriously consider the options of buying a villa in Bali if you want to have some of the following advantages:

  • If you travel a lot to Bali as if it were a second home to you. Having your property in Bali will save you a lot of money as you don’t have to spend more money to stay in the hotel. You can enjoy the same exclusivity and luxury without having to spend a fortune. Try to calculate this: let’s say that a hotel room costs Rp 700,000 a night and you have to spend five nights. How much should you spend? And your expenses will add up if you have more people, leading to you renting more rooms. If you have your villa, you can enjoy the greatest financial freedom – staying as many days as you like and tagging along as many people as you want without spending extra.
  • If you want to make a serious investment in property. After all, property has been viewed as one of the most lucrative businesses in the world. Yes, you will be spending money to get the property that you want, but you will gain a lot too. Bali has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Even if you don’t stay in the villa, you can always rent it out. You can quickly turn your property into a source of passive income – and you don’t need to break a sweat for it.

The Important Considerations Regarding Buying a Bali Villa

Naturally, the factor in the purchase of a villa in Bali takes a serious thought and careful planning. You can’t only buy a villa just because you like the construction or the building, although this can also be one of the factors in the purchase decision. When you want to buy a property, you should be thinking about:

  • Location. Is the villa easily reached? Is it far from the main road? Is it close to public facilities, like hospitals, schools, or markets?
  • Amenities. Most people prefer their swimming pool or private garden where they can relax and chill out. Of course, you need to think about the facilities that you want from the villa.
  • Facilities. Is the villa located in a secluded area, far from public facilities? Some people prefer a villa in a quiet and remote area but still close to the public facilities. After all, being completely isolated and far from anything can give you troubles in the event of an emergency.
  • Access. Do you have the means to reach the villa? Can you reach it with the public transportation? Do you need a special transportation to access the place?
  • Documentation. What about the paperwork? Does the villa have all the necessary documents? Are they all legal?
  • Purpose. What do you want to do with the villa? Are you going to rent it out or use it for your personal holiday spot only? If you are going to turn your villa into a rental property, you must have all the legal documentation. If you don’t have one, you need to begin making the right documentation, so your villa won’t be considered illegal.

Managing your Bali Villa

Naturally, when you have decided to invest your money in property, and you plan on buying a villa in Bali, don’t forget about some important things, such as:

  • Location and view. Some people prefer ocean view than the mountain. Some are into the sea surrounding very much when compared to other areas. If location and view are important to you, you should seriously consider this.
  • Price. Keep in mind that buying a villa in Bali is a pretty pricey investment. But you should remember that the price of the property always increases on a yearly basis. After several years, you can make a huge profit from your property. If you are turning your property into a rental villa, you can generate a passive income from it.
  • Construction and design. Remember that the villa is your place of retreat; a place for you to escape the hectic daily routine. It would be best if you can choose a building structure and interior design that are entirely different from the one you have at home. It gives you an alternative surrounding and ambiance so that you won’t be bored.

Potential Location and Price for Buying a Villa in Bali

There are some potential areas where villas have been built and designed. For instance, a villa complex named as Bali Harmoni Tibubeneng Villas, in Canggu, North Kuta in Badung, offers a peaceful and serene natural view surrounding the modern villa. Canggu has transformed into the next Seminyak because the two areas share relatively similar natural and landscape characteristics. You can also find beaches in Canggu. A lot of tourists and visitors like coming to Canggu because it is not as crowded as other regions and yet it is also modern and updated. The shape is modern and trendy with different size of construction. For a two bedroom building with a total dimension of 165-meter square, the price starts from around Rp 3.15 billion while the two bedroom villa with a full size of 190-meter square, the price starts from around Rp 3.35 billion. For a three bedroom villa, you will have to spend at least Rp 4.3 billion. This property can be included in your wish list of buying a villa in Bali because it has complete facilities like 24 hours security, private swimming pool, surveillance camera, and also WiFi connection.

Of course, the options are many and not limited to the one in Canggu only. Here are some of the lists of potential locations and villas:

  • A villa with four bedrooms and bathrooms in Ubud, Gianyar, costs around Rp 5 billion. The villa has its own private and spacious swimming pool situated in Gerih, Batuan. If you want to go to Bali Bird Park, Bali Zoo, Sukawati Art market, or Batuan temple, this is the villa to choose. With a total dimension of 750 square meters, it consists of spacious rooms.
  • A villa with three bedrooms and bathrooms and also an extra room for the household assistant/maid in Sanur, Denpasar, costs around Rp 9.5 billion. It is a two level villa with a total dimension of 405 meters square. It has its private swimming pool with a smaller pool for kids. It only takes a minute to walk to Mertasari beach and 2 minutes to reach the main road. It has easy access with peaceful surrounding.
  • A villa with a total width of 500 meter square in Bukit Jimbaran is sold at around Rp 11 billion. It has six bedrooms and eight bathrooms with three level building constructions. There is also an extra bedroom for the household assistance/maid, and there is a garage for the car.
  • A luxurious villa in Dalung, North Kuta, is sold for Rp 1.6 billion. This villa is pretty small, only about 90 meters square in the whole dimension. But it is a two level villa with three bedrooms and two bathrooms.

Those are only the examples of the available villas in Bali located in different areas and regions. Make sure that you have done a thorough research and observation so you can find the perfect spot for your needs. Remember, buying a villa is just like the purchase of a house – it takes careful consideration, and you can’t rush things. Be extra careful when you want to make a worthy investment by buying a villa in Bali.

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