Eye Brow Shapes

Eye Brow Shapes

Too Thin

– Study your face carefully in a mirror. Do your eyebrows dominate your other facial features? Are the arches like, really thin ?

– Only a few models can carry off thin brows. Too thin brows also bring your nose into to sharp relief: too thick ones make your face look hirsute. Just another reason to go for the medium thickness.

Tweeze Right

– Pluck mid-morning or early afternoon when your skin is less sensitive.
– Rub an ice cube over the area to be tweezed to de-sensitive the skin, then start plucking.
– A never-fail trick to get the brows right: Align a pencil to your brows. A pencil placed at the outer end of your nostril to make a straight line with the end of your eyes. The pencil aligned the other way, ie, from tip of nostril to start of eyes is the spot where your brows ought to begin.
– Use a very good pair of blunt-ended tweezers. Slowly, steadily achieve symmetry of brow alignmnet. Pluck cautiously, to clean the browline.
– If any, work at damage control with brow powder. (Secret tip: A deep brown eyeshadow will work well if blotted on brows). Or an eyebrow pencil. Go for a brown pencil rather than a dramatic black one. Fill in using soft strokes, then run a cotton bud over the brows.