Finger Nails

Finger Nails

For women, nails are a thing of beauty. In regards to other parts of the body, nails are relatively small. Yet you can clearly see when one’s nails are taken care of or whether it is left as it is. Make your nails presentable and beautiful with these tips below:

– Yellow Nails — Soak your nails in one-fourth cup of bleach mixed with one-half cup of water.
– Not Quite Dry — Coat wet nails with cuticle oil and cover your nails with plastic wrap.
– Polish Smudge — Moisten the pad of your finger with polish remover and tap lightly to smooth it out.
– Chipped Polish — Moisten your finger with polish remover and quickly swipe over the chipped area to smooth out the edges.

-Broken Nail — If the break isnโ€™t too low, carefully cut the nail, file it, and trim the other nails so theyโ€™re of equal length. For a big break (one thatโ€™s in the nail bed), apply a couple of drops of nail glue to the surface of the nail. Let set and hold the break in place for about a minute.
– Reapply glue and cover the nail with a piece of tea bag or tissue. Let dry, and then buff excess off.

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