Gedung DUA8


Gedung DUA8

Jl. Kemang Utara No.28, Jakarta Selatan, Jakarta 12730
Phone : 71792049
Fax : 71791419
e-mail :
website :

Open: Daily (except Mondays) at 10am-10pm. The reception area on the ground floor is simply called `Bale Mampir` (stop by hall). The casual dining room, which serves Indonesian delights, is `Mojok Makan Minum` (eat and drink corner). Teater Matahari is a cosy amphitheatre. Galeri Masa, Galeri Musim, and Galeri Manca offer different sizes of space to create blending atmospheres in any interactive situation,. For intimate get-togethers, there is the `Teater Mungil` (mini teater). Galeri Mandu , a multimedia library which holds a rich collection of titles on the diversity of Indonesia. Galeri Mbitoro and Galeri Mbis are dedicated to the conservations of arts and cultural artefacts of Kamoro and Asmat people in Irian Jaya. On roof top, Teras Mimpi and Teras Mandang is an openair balconies look out to different panoramic views of the surrounding lush residential area

Gedung DUA8, which literlly means `building DUA8`, is the first venue in Jakarta that provides versatility for arts and cultural exchange experiences to diverse audiences. To a family, gedung DUA8 is a place for entertainment and education. Students may find it a valuable source of reference, while art lovers have additional space for their creative craves


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