Get a Healthier Bedroom!


For some people, getting a good nights sleep is something that is difficult to achieve. The busy lifestyle filled with tasks and chores are more likely to make it harder for you to relax. Sleeping would therefore take much more effort and some would even need help from modern technology. At the same time, sleep is something that is monumental to our growth and our overall development.

Here are several tips for a healthier bedroom:

  1. Turn off screens before bedtime

According to research, blue screen can negatively impact your sleep. Blue light rays emitted through screens tricks your body in order not to produce melanin, which is essential for sleep. As a result, you are less inclined to sleep based on the body’s natural sleep cycle. This could continue well into the morning, where you will feel groggy, sleepy and fatigued from lack of sleep.

Prevent this from happening by turning on the alarm a few hours before bedtime. We would also recommend setting up a bedtime routine and following through with everything. Turning off all the screens in your bedroom from TV, phone or computer on your bedroom will ensure that it would not disrupt your natural sleeping process.

  1. Get a green mattress

When sleeping, you would spend most of the time on the mattress. Yet, it is unknown by most that mattresses can pose several problems to your health if you are not aware. When purchasing a mattress, be aware of the material it’s made of. Most of the time, it’s made from petroleum-based polyurethane which can be dangerous if combined with chemical glues and flame retardants. Over a period of time, the mattress may start to emit chemical odors and volatile organic compounds (or VOCs).

Another thing to note about flame retardants is that it accumulates over time in the body and has been said to trigger changes in the immune and nervous system, disruptions in thyroid function, and other health issues.

Most people are able to withstand the risks of having these mattresses, but that it may cause problems for others who are intolerant to unhealthy air quality, chemical sensitivities or allergies. Choosing a healthy and green mattress would therefore help your body in the long run. What you could do is find companies that are transparent about the materials used in mattresses as not all mattress companies list out the ingredients used to make their mattresses.

  1. Fill bedroom with plants

The most common and well-known way to clean up the air quality in the bedroom is to put in plants. Not only do they remove toxic particles in the air, but it can also filter air and enhance the overall look of the room by trapping in the negative air while breathing.

Any type of plant is suitable and can create quality air change in the room, however there are certain plants that would be especially effective for this purpose. Snake plants, spider plants, or golden pothos are just several types of plants that you can put in your room. Other than clean air, plants are also known to lower anxiety and stress. In that way, your sleep will be healthier and much deeper.

  1. Find suitable music to accompany your bedtime

The noises you hear when sleeping could also change the duration and quality of sleep. Music is said to create changes to one’s mood, which can guide you through your sleep. Rather than choosing fast paced, cheerful music that could quicken the pace of heart, choose songs that are calm and soothing. Classical or folk songs are just some of the types of music that you can listen to before you sleep.

Otherwise, you can also use a white noise machine to drown out noisiness that negatively impacts your sleep. Whether it is a snoring roommate, car honks or a house party, all of these problems can be solved using a white noise machine.

  1. Prepare a humidifier

Spending a lot of time in AC can affect our health negatively from dry skin, sinus congestion, dry cough, nose irritation and more symptoms. You can have a much more comfortable sleep without dryness bothering you by using a humidifier while you sleep.

Humidifiers can prevent, help and minimize symptoms of numerous health issues. Those who are on the verge of a flu find that it cured their symptoms and people who cough may find that it has become more productive. Asthma sufferers and those who suffer from allergy may also find that their symptoms have decreased.

  1. Turn down the lights

Lighting is considered quite close to the effects of blue light. It halts the production of melatonin which is responsible to make people sleep. Depending on the lighting used at home, it can affect your sleep differently. Bright white light is known to increase one’s alertness and suppressing the production of melatonin in the body. Warm light is just the same although there is less intensity in disruption to melatonin.  Which is why research has shown that dimming the lights can help you feel sleepier and stick to a regular schedule.

For better sleep, try using pink or red lights (has been shown to affect sleep the least) or dim the lights for a better effect.

  1. Clean up clutter

Clutter can cause numerous health issues from asthma, allergy and more. Getting rid of clutter would therefore help you to have better sleep. Keeping your room clean will rid you of physical ailments to mental ones such as headaches and stress.

Solve this problem by having plenty of storage. The number one reason for a messy room is that there are many things that do not belong there. First, you should categorize the items and put the things in place whenever possible. Second, you can also maximize your bedroom space by adding shelves. You room will be speck clean with no dust or mites to bother your sleep!

  1. Make full use of muted colors

Customizing colors for the bedroom is one of the fun things that you can do when decorating a room. These colors would add stylistic value to your room and boost anyone’s mood who enters it. A research has even found that those who slept in blue rooms are able to sleep the best for 7 hours and 52 minutes compared to other colors.

The quality of paint can also affect the overall air quality. We would recommend using paint with minimal or no VOCs (volatile organic compounds). Be careful of these compounds, as it gets released to the air and can cause headaches and dizziness.

You may not realize it, but there are many things in the bedroom that can affect your health and sleeping process. If you are one who has experienced sleeping problems, then you can be sure to apply these tips in your room. Overall health is also important, as many of these things can change the state of your health in the long run.

Have you tried any of these tips? Which do you find to be the most effective? Share your opinion and comments below!