Healthy Avocado Dip by Geeta Seth


During Navratri Fast, you might not be eating enough vitamins as there are many dietary restrictions. For that reason, this dip is something you should try for you and your family. It is an extremely healthy dish that maintains your immune system with beta carotene, healthy fats and calcium enriched.


  • One cup steamed pumpkin
  • One avocado
  • Half cup thick hung curd


  1. Make thick hung curd by hanging in a muslin cloth in the fridge overnight
  1. Boil or steam 2 slices of yellow pumpkin
  2. Prepare half avocado.
  3. Mash all together

Two ways to eat:

1. Add salt n other spices
And use as a side dish along with vrat ka khana

2. Add milkmaid n sweeten it. This sweet saucy dish goes well with kuttu atta or mordhan aata roti for energy during fasting period

shared by Geeta Seth