Image Development by Chandra Sakhrani

Image Development by Chandra Sakhrani

What is image development? I am often asked.

It is as simply put as personal branding. It is a sheer waste of individuality when any person tries to copy another person or create a brand which already exists. This is where image consulting comes in and assists one to develop one’s own individuality to the fullest that in turn has the potential to serve a purpose.

Image development can be personal or specific to development of a product. The key to any image development is “self-love”. Only constant up gradation of self is the true gift one can give oneself.

My consultation is not just what you would expect in a finishing school. It’s mentoring and holding hands of my clients on a 360 degree level of growth. Corporate sales and negotiations are my key strengths. I do have a varied range of sessions and also end up tailor making time to time. Every need is different and a fixed template doesn’t really work.

The second most asked question “Do I have to change my personality for my growth?

It really doesn’t matter if one is an optimist or a pessimist. What one needs to do is realign their type of personality as per the set of goals. This is exactly what my e-book “Pro-Image, The realignment book”, that is available on Amazon, talks about. The link to purchase is on my website too.

Any progress should be measurable and so is our improvement, and that is exactly what I do. I hold hands and assist my clients in their journey of quantum growth.

One thing that is very exclusive to me is the nature of trust I handle in these sessions. They are private and sensitive information. So, you will find a Non- disclosure agreement that is available on my website itself, because I do get asked a lot of mails and phone calls specifically asking for information. I really do not believe in broadcasting and endorsements. My achievements are when people call, email or personally talk about their progress and growth post my sessions.

The best part about my session is that I can be present anywhere around the world, as long as the clients book appointments in advance. I have clients now in every continent and across various strata of society and I am happy to help who ever cares to grow. Yes! That’s the only requirement to book an appointment with me is that one has to be 100% devoted to self- progress.

by Chandra Sakhrani