Indoindians Artist Spotlight: Shanthi Seshadri

Indoindians Artist Spotlight Shanthi Seshadri
Indoindians Artist Spotlight Shanthi Seshadri

Shanthi Seshadri is an artist of multiple interests.

Shanthi has always been interested in drawing and painting, but didn’t have the opportunity to indulge her creative side until she moved to Jakarta.

Here is an interview with Shanthi in her studio, where she shares her journey as an artist and also showcases some of her artworks.

She began her journey into art with Tanjore painting, an intricate form that she mastered over the course of several years. In that time, she also ventured into other mediums: oil, watercolor, Chinese, stain glass, feather, acrylic, textile, dot painting and coffee painting. She has recently taken up Kalamkari, Kerala mural and Zentangle as well. She shares her passion with others by teaching those who are willing to learn.

Shanthi has conduted online art session for Indoindians

Shanthi’s achievements are not just restricted to art – she is a popular and loved member of the community, her contribution to it is immense. She is currently the President of India Club and is on the committees of Tamil Sangam and Indian Women’s Association (IWA) to name a few.

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