#EventReport: Painting with Coffee Art Class with Shanthi Seshadri

Shanthi Seshadri Coffee Painting

Painting with coffee is similar to watercolor but there is something uniquely different.

Coffee painting is an extremely simple and enjoyable art of expressing your creative thoughts on a paper with just coffee. Coffee painting has only one color, yet this monochromatic art looks amazing.

Shanthi Seshadri, a multi-talented and very creative artist dabbling a variety of art forms and styles was our mentor and guide. She very clearly and simply explained the entire process of mixing the coffee to get the right shade to coloring the Ganesha image step by step.

It was an very engaging and interactive sessionย  with individual attention to questions on the participants.

Indoindians Online Event: Painting with Coffee Art Class with Shanthi Seshadriย 

Materials required:

1. Nescafรฉ classic powder
2. Painting brushes: One flat brush and one round thin brush no 2, 5 and a bigger round brush
3. Canson 300 gsm watercolor paper
4. Print this Ganesha template on A4 size paper to trace on watercolor paper with pencil only (pls do not use pen or print on the watercolor paper)
5. Please be ready for the class with the traced watercolor paper, brushes, coffee and some water.

Download the Ganesha template to print on art paper for the class here >>

Coffee Painting Participants
Coffee Painting Participants

About Shanthi Seshadri

Shanthi Seshadri, is a multi-talented and very creative artist dabbling a variety of art forms and styles.

Shanthi always had an interest in drawing and painting. She began with Tanjore painting, which over a decade, she cultivated and perfected before venturing out into other styles: Oil, watercolor, Chinese, stain glass, feather, acrylic and textile. Her most recent ventures include Kalamkari and Zentangle forms of painting and she is now moving on to sculptures.