Indoindians Extraordinary Women Awardee for Entertainment & Media: Raakhee Punjabi

Indoindians Extraordinary Women Awardee for Entertainment & Media Raakhee Punjabi

Indoindians Extraordinary Women Awardee for Entertainment & Media: Raakhee Punjabi

Raakhee Punjabi is known-amongst others-for her personality, will power and enthusiasm. The iron strength that she displays in commendable, along with her ability to be present at every required situation is well appreciated. She can gather the support where required while also being supportive and participates with great enthusiasm. At the same time, she is very affectionate, humble, loving and caring.

She got graduated from the Vocational Studies for Designing, Hair Styling and Modeling in Hong Kong. From then onwards her career blossomed to what it is now. Mrs. Rakhee Punjabi’s popularity is undoubtedly large, for she is the owner of the entertainment company called PT Tripar Multivision Plus as well as PT Parkit Films. Indian community in Indonesia and Indonesian community has been fortunate to have such wonderful people in Entertainment sector by getting all Bollywood movies and producing Indonesian movies.

Indonesia has achieved a lot from the sinetron and many entertainment programs which have been created under Raakhee’s leadership. She has also been involved in a number of charity projects.

As for awards, she has successfully snagged the Rama Shinta in 1990, Powerful WOMEN in 2015, VISHALAKSHI Upliftment of Women Award in 2015 and Best Dress Sulawesi Award in 2019.

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