Indoindians Extraordinary Women Awardee for Entrepreneurship: Monica Mohindra

Indoindians Extraordinary Women Awardee for Entrepreneurship Monica Mohindra

Indoindians Extraordinary Women Awardee for Entrepreneurship: Monica Mohindra

As a go getter with budding enthusiasm and energy, her efforts to make a difference on both though her entrepreneurial endeavors and social projects have made an impact to help people at the grass root level. She is a prime example of an entrepreneur that makes a social impact.

Her business ventures started from building a private villa in Bali in 2008 to now owning multiple hospitality and F&B business in Bali, providing employment and opportunities for growth to many people. Her restaurants include the Watercress Ubud, Milk & Madu Ubud & Canggu, The Common, Fatboys’s The Burger Bar, Roti Daal and Art of Spice. Her restaurants have gained respect with the quality of food

Monica’s interest also expands to batik, as she has worked together with weavers in India and Central Java to make batik influenced fabrics using traditional techniques into a fashion line under – Chrisna & Monica (semi-couture) and ready to wear under – Think Earth.

Fabulous Ubud – Ubud’s Tourist Information Centre is one such initiative where she has organized people across a couple of villages to put together a taxi service. Now the brand has evolved to THinkBali – ThinkBali Holidays – ThinkBali Weddings. She was instrumental in creating a tourist information center to help and assist tourists.

Other than that, she has also been involved in developing and sharing the hand-crafted items across the entire street of Tegalalang in Ubud to buyers for export services. She is involved in zero waste programs and sustainable endeavors as well.

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