Indoindians Parenting Support WAG with Sarmila Pande

Sarmila Pande

Inviting parents to join Indoindians Parenting WhatsApp Group led by Sarmila Pande, who has created a safe space for the IndoIndians community to help struggling parents thrive in a journey to create deeper bonds within their family.

About Sarmila Pande:
An MBA from IIM Kolkata, Sarmila Pande is on a mission – leading personal transformation of children through mindful and kind parenting. A trained developmental psychologist from University of London, she founded StepUp Parenting and StepUp Wellbeing, to guide young parents in their parenting and personal well-being journeys – uniquely synthesizing the latest Western techniques with Eastern philosophy. A mother of 2 young adults, a corporate leader (TATA Group, Unilever), she shares her learnings from her personal wellbeing and healing journey – through parent groups, 121 counselling and workshops.
Parenting is one super important role that we do not train for as rigorously as we do for other roles in our current fast paced life.
Through COVID, Sarmila has helped 100s of parents, especially working moms from the IIM community, to survive and thrive. She is happy that more fathers are coming forward to actively participate in the parenting journey.